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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hi-tech nuns

Another weekend went by leaving me behind anticipating the next weekend. At least next week would be alot more enjoyable, especially since there are only 2 working days the entire week next week. The past week was fast and furious for me, was in the office almost everyday and running around the place for the last two days.

This week, my locations for the roadshow is in 1-Utama, Subang Parade and a god-forsaken place called Pandan Kapital. 1-Utama was of course, the best place yet, especially with the other promoters from other products who happens to be hot chicks standing around, and of course, the hot chicks walking around in 1-U. Subang Parade on the other hand, is definitely a family place, the only people that comes are families looking for electrical appliances. Pandan Kapital is terrible, there are chicks alright, but most of them are la la muis coming into The Store to buy whatever crap they buy and hang out at the game arcade.

Talk about 1-Utama, the traffic there on Saturday night was terrible. The usual road leading into the new wing parking lot was closed and all cars are diveted into the Dataran BU open-air car park, and due to the confusion, the queue leading into the parking goes all the way to the traffic light in the middle of the old and new wing. Almost half an hour later, I quit queue and decided its not worth going anyway.

On Thursday evening, there is a briefing / merchandising training session at the office of the product I was doing the roadshow on. Prior to the briefing, me and my boss was at Low Yat Plaza's Starbucks interviewing a couple of new candidates as promoters for our roadshow. After the interview, my boss went opposite to the coffee shop to get something to eat and I decided to grab a coffee first before joining him opposite. I looked around the shop hoping to see some hot chick while the barista prepares my coffee (Mocha Frappucino rox!), but instead of a hot chick, I spotted a Buddhist nun, shaved head, grey robe and all, sitting at the corner with a cup of coffee at hand, laptop open in front of her and she's talking into a headphone. From her conversation into the headphone, I can tell that she's not local, maybe from China or Taiwan. Sort of gave me a shock, aren't buddhist nuns / priests supposed to be humble? Aren't they supposed to reside in temples? Aren't they vegetarian? (Coffee got milk, milk's not vegetarian right?)

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lunching alone! Again!

I bloody hate lunching alone!

Am now in a bloody cyber cafe near the place where I had my lunch. Lunchtime is an hour, but it takes me about 15 mins to finish my lunch, so I have time to do my own stuff for awhile.

This is the problem with working in a SOHO based office, the boss(es) lunch at home and left me to wander around looking for food alone.

If this goes on any longer, I might even leave the bloody company and state 'Forced to lunch alone' as reason for leaving


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People actually read my blog?

Firstly, I seldom whore my blog in PPS, simply because most of my posts are bloody uninteresting anyway. However, yesterday, I whored my blog on PPS with the post 'Newsflash: Blog War'. Sort of a newsreport style of writing regarding the XiaXue vs. Peter Tan issue. What happened after I pinged PPS blew me away. I've a 139 hits boost overnight, I posted that post yesterday midnight, and I checked my blog awhile ago and it jumped 139 hits in less than 24 hours. People actually read my blog? Wow! I know this might sound trivial for 'probloggers' who get 1000 over hits a day, but for someone whom the previous highest hits in one day is just 29, 139 is a lot.

Back to the news, there have been some disagreement in my comment box about whether Peter Tan actually apologized to XiaXue. from the way I see it, he did apologized for sending those emails, not apologize to her personally. I only report it the way i see it, if you see it differently, good for you then, I don't wanna know.

The weather for the last few weeks was really depressing, it rained almost the entire day and my mood sort of in tune with the weather. When it rains, I'm moody and sleepy, and I get bored. Which probabaly says that I'm moody, sleepy and bored the entire day everyday for the last few weeks, it sucked.

Going back to the office in OUG tomorrow, I went back to Mid valley today because the boss wasn't around and the shop's short of hand. frankly, I don't really like to go to the office in OUG, I think that place is too boring; no music, no laughter, not chattering, no MSN, everybody's busy doing their shit and all. Occasionally I get to play with the cat though, but I felt like shotting it more than playing with most of the time, so that doesn't count much.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Newsflash: Blog War

This post is a newsflash and will not be blogged my usual way. This newsflash is supposed to be neutral and any prejudices are not intended.

Once again, the normally peaceful south-east asian blogsphere is rocked by an incident that caused a furor between prominent bloggers from both Singapore and malaysia. And once again, the protagonist of this cross-causeway 'blog war' is none other than miss XiaXue; the most popular blogger in Singapore. On the malaysian side, the war is spearheaded by Kimberlycun and backed by prominent blogger; Peter Tan.

This so-called war was triggered by
this post, which appeared in her blog on Sunday, 16th October 2005. I shall not mention the content of this post, as it had been bitched upon in almost every damned blog everywhere for the last two weeks.

Shortly after she posted that post, Kimberlycun launched a 'Boycott products endorsed by bad models of society' campaign in an attempt to point out that "behaviors that are arrogantly portrayed by these irresponsible people and approved by some companies are going to influence our young and impressionable generation", targetting at the 3 companies that are currently endorsing XiaXue, namely Local Brand, Visage and Voxy.

At that point in time, everybody is eagerly awaiting Peter Tan to say something because what XiaXue said is directly against Peter Tan's attempt to create awareness in the public regarding disability. A few short days later,
this post appeared in Peter Tan's blog, a simple, straight-to-the-point, fact-laden article about the usage of the disabled's toilet.

Most recently, according to
this post, Peter Tan apparently emailed to Local Brand, Visage and Voxy and CC-ed to all disabled charity organization in an attempt to stop the mentioned brands to stop endorsing Xiaxue. However, Peter Tan expressed an apology to his "tactless, callous and impolite" actions in his blog.

At this point in time, it is confirmed that Visage and Voxy had withdrawed their endorsement for XiaXue. However, her current endorsement. Local Brand; a prominent fashion label in Singapore is highly unlikely to withdraw their endorsement as its owner; Turodrique is a personal friend of XiaXue.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I hate lunching alone!

I love lunchtimes, everybody love lunchtimes.

But there's nothing I hate more during lunchtime than lunching alone!

I'm now at a cyber cafe near where I had my lunch

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First day at work

Today (Monday) is the first day I'm working in an office environment for a long time, well, it wasn't really an office, more like my boss's house. Pretty much spend the entire morning scanning through newspapers spotting write-ups and articles of our clients. After lunch, did a short press release on the product of the roadshow during the weekend. It was pretty much my first time writing a press release, never really wrote any corporate writing before in my life. Went out to NST with a colleague for a short while, and spend almost an hour browsing through magazines at the newsstand spotting articles of our clients. Spend the rest of the evening in the office scanning the articles into the PC all the way until 9pm, so much for office-hour jobs eh?

I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable with this job if I were to be offered to be a permanent staff. All the browsing through newspapers and magazines might sound fun initially, but it'll pretty much bore the hell out of me sooner or later. The events are rather rare and far apart because they're more a PR consultant than an event agency, and my corporate writing skills wasn't really good at all. Probably the only visible advantage I can see in this company is the laidback and relaxing environment, of course there are work to be done, but at least the stress level are kept to the minimum.

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend? What weekend?

Another weekend came and went without me realizing it, had been very busy with the roadshow this weekend? Been running to and fro between 1 Utama and Ikano Power Center for the last two days, almost a full tank of petrol gone just this two days alone, not really due to the travelling distance between Puchong and Damansara, but more petrol was lost in cruising in the parking lot looking for parking.

I never really walked around Ikano Power Center before, and this time is pretty much the first time I'm there, and the final verdict of that place is, it sucked. Most of the shops are catered for the upper tier of society, granted that it sits smack right in the middle of Mutiara damansara; one of the more upperty place in KL, but the stuff there are ridiculously expensive and pretty much have no appeal to me at all, maybe it's just me.

1 Utama is the first venue for the Chevorlet Corvette Z06 roadshow in Malaysia, and sure as hell, when there are hot cars, there are hot chicks. But sadly, the promoter girls for the Corvette is way below average, the only thing nice that I can safely say about ONE of them is that she got a very sweet voice, the others pretty much sucked.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Disappointing day

Firstly, a moment of silent to respect the passing of the wife of our beloved prime minister; datin Seri Endon Mahmood.

the briefing for my supervisor job this weekend was rather smooth, except the looking for parking around OUG part lar, that was fuck. We'll be doing the promo for a certain brand of household electrical appliance. I'll be at 1 Utama, Ikano Power Center and Mid Valley for the weekend, so I'm expecting lotsa travelling to and from these venues. I'll be getting RM75 a day for this, slightly higher than Mid Valley, but still lower than comfortable. I'm a little disappointed that most of the promoters hired are guys though, makes sense that the product is an electrical appliance, but still, dissapointed. They also offered me to work part time in the office for a week next week, its sort oif a training / get-used-to-it program, will be getting RM50 for that, same as Mid Valley, but at least this is a normal office hour job, I think...

I was at Taylor's Halloween Party earlier tonight with the guys, supposedly organized by Mass Comm, but it was pretty much dominated by students from the other programs. Nonetheless, a good word to describe the entire party would be; suck. Granted that there are loads of hot chicks around in costumes, but the ambience is bad, the food sucks, and the performance is below average. The turn-up wasn't too bad though, there are a few witches, a barbarian, a few musketeers, a chinese vampire, two jedis (David included in this one), a extremely cute looking girl dressed up to look like Van Helsing, a dude that tried to look like Jesus but looks more like a rastafarian on a bad hair day, and a few more weird costumes, no fairies or angels though, I thought those were the favorites. The entire party was pretty much a disappointment on the whole.

Looks like the entire day was pretty much disappointing for me, everything turn up lower than my expectations, the promoters, the pay, the party.

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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Slept at almost 6 am Wednesday morning, yeah, it's GTA's fault. Slept until almost 3pm and spend the rest of the day dozing off in front of the TV.

I was at the premier screening of Doom in Mid Valley earlier today, was there with David, Nelsen, Jerry and some others that I don't know. The movie was erm... rather cool. Super violent, lotsa BIG guns, lotsa suspense, lotsa action, lotsa blood. But the one thing that tops it was the 'first-person' view of the movie, where one of the character; Reaper runs around shooting the creatures with the the audience seeing through HIS eyes, just like playing the game. The movie wasn't loyal to the game's storylines, but it sure is loyal to the game itself!

My meeting with the people from About Communications tomorrow morning is postponed, we'll be meeting in the evening at 5 instead, at the McDonald's in OUG Plaza. The bunch of promoters would be there too for the briefing, I wonder if there would be any looker amonjg them. Come to think of it, I'll be reprising my pimp role like what I did when I was at Oz again, cool.

... still sick.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I lost count...

I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine awhile ago, she's sort of sad because her ex called her and said something erm... 'mean' to her. They broke up a few months ago, after more than a year of relationship together. I didn't pretend to understand her, as I've never been in a real relationship with anyone before, but I'm confident to say I understand how it felt like to be heart-broken.

Our conversation brings alot of memories back to me, the many girls that I liked, but never managed to start a relationship with, the many girls that I've secretly admired but never had the guts to tell her, the many girls that I liked and I told them I like her and is rejected by her. I lost count, there are too many...

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The interview earlier today was rather nice, the people there are friendly blokes and funny too. The 'office' was in fact someone's house, the boss' I think, I didn't ask. the entire office has only 3 personworking there, and I already met all of them. It's a nice SOHO sorta place, they do all sort of events and PR works for all sort of companies from techs to pharmaceuticals to sporting goods. It does sound like a good enough job, but am I up to the challenge? All the working late, work on weekends bullshit is not a problem to me, even the events and promotions stuff they told me they do wasn't a problem to me at all, but the writing part might be a problem to me. All the press releases, the product write-ups and shit might turn out to be a problem to me, I can write, but to write a formal, corporate piece of article is probably out of my league since my english grammar and even sentence structuring wasn't really up to standard.

I'll be going there again this Thursday for a briefing for a job they offered as part-time. Doing supervisory job for their roadshows in some shopping center somewhere in Klang Valley; they didn't specify where, yet. I assumed it'll be like somehting I did for Oz during the Champ's roadshow, where I just have to be there during the roadshow to monitor the situation. I don't know how much they're paying me, but I doubt it'll be anything lower than what I'm getting in Mid Valley now. They did mentioned that this might be a proving ground for me for them to consider my application to be a permanent staff, I'm not really sure I really wanted the job, but I wouldn't mind another part-time job in the meantime, so even I've made up my mind to reject this job, I'll want to part-time for them.

XiaXue did another shit on her blog again today, only two days after she revamped her blog design. I don't really know how to explain the shit she did, it's something to do about handicapped people and handicapped toilet use, just read her blog to find out more. But one interesting part of the blog post would be, she'll be in the direct path of our very own Peter Tan, a prominent wheelchair-bound blogger in Malaysian blogosphere. Things will sure to get very interesting if Peter Tan decides to attack her the way Shaolin Tiger does, of which, we all hope he will.

...and I'm sick

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

GTA fucked me

Once again, my life is fucked by the marvels of computer gaming technology, went to bed at 7 something Saturday morning because I was busy killing innocent pedestrians in an innocent hick county in San Andreas. I fell asleep in front of the TV and woke up at 4 something, and went online to check my email, I've planned to check my emails, and went to bed straight-after. But after going offline, my finger got itchy and clicked on the GTA icon, and I'm hooked until 7 something, and I realized it's 7 something only because I heard my parents alarm clock go off. I immediately saved the game, alt-F4 it, switch off the PC and dashed into bed and pretend I've been sleeping in it the whole night. Spend the rest of the day dozing off in front of the TV...

I've an interview in OUG this Monday, rather surprised when they called me at 10 something, asking me briefly on my experiences and sort of preparing me for what is to come for the interview. Well, the fact that the lady called me at 10 something and mentioning to me she's still in the office made me realized that this would be another all-day-all-night job. But then again, it might be fun, I don't know, let's see how the interview goes first.

I was at 1 Utama with my parents just now and bought myself 3 Hotwheels, it was a buy 2, free 1 promotion. I haven't bought any Hotwheels lately, so it's about time I expand my collection.

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Friday, October 14, 2005


You remember when you were a kid and your parents will spank you because you were naughty and they'll tell you that they spank you because they love you? This afternoon in the shop, a typical chinese family walked into my shop with a little kid in tow, while the parents are busy being an asshole, erm... I mean busy looking through the games, the kid went out of the shop and look at our neighbor shop's boss playing game. The mom suddenly realized the kid was gone and went furious. When she saw the kid was next door looking at the boss playing game, she went straight to him and whacked that little kid like nobody's business, shouting at the top of her voice telling the kid to don't wander off and he might get kidnap or something.

I know that the mom meant good, telling the kid to don't wander off, but why does she needs to whack the kid? Can't she tell the kid nicely not to wander off? I supposed the old saying that she whack him because she love the kid, but how the hell would the kid understand it? That kid was probably not more than 8 years old, all he's thinking is probably "Mommy don't love me, that's why she hits me"

I've heard alot of time parents saying something like this "You go away, mommy don't want you anymore, always crying only, go away!" Of course the mommy don't mean it, it's just another trick to get the kid to stop crying. But why the hell would the parent say somehting like that to their own children? Have you any idea what are the psychology effects of saying something like that to a kid? You think the kid would know you don't mean it? They just think that their mommy is really leaving them and all they'll do is cry louder, and the the mommy would whack the kid because they refused to shut up.

Parents claim that if they don't hit the child, they would never listen to them, and the child would be spoilt. But how can you assume that a child would understand that their parents hit them because their parents love them? The kid would probably fuck up his life grow up to hate his parents because he thinks his parents hates him. I think the best approach would still be a straight discussion with the child, tell them straight to their face that they shouldn't do this and that, don't use stupid terms like "Shut up or I'll give you away" Tell the kid nicely, not threaten them into submission, and DO NOT hit them! OK, whack them a little, but don't overdo it, maybe just spanking their ass a little, or the school teacher style of canning their palm, lightly!, and DON'T EVER slap the kid, it's the worst that a parent can do, slapping a kid and you can bet that they'll hate you forever...

Maybe now I know why I have issues with my father.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Post-quitting symptoms

Since quitting smoking (My last cigarette was on Saturday, 1st October), I find myself more aggresive than ever, I'm always feeling restless, not the type of fidgetting like an addict, but more like restless because I'm bored all the time, always looking for something to do, something new, and my interest span is in an all time low, I'll lose interest in things very fast. I also find myself get angry and hot-headed very very easy, I almost slapped the kid crying in front of this morning when I was queue-ing up to pay for my lunch this afternoon, I shouted at other drivers in the jam out of Mid Valley just now, and I was all surly and angry when I got home.

I 've always been someone with a very sensitive temper and gets angry easily and I've got myself in a very serious shit when I lost my temper several years ago. I better try to control my temper as much as possible now, because when I lost my temper, well, let's just say a 100+ kilo fellow in a rampage wasn't a pretty sight... Furthermore, my work in Mid Valley now involves meeting alot of idiots almost all the time.

Almost two weeks and there's still no replies from any companies that I've applied for. I think it's about time to start worrying, been telling myself that they might reply me late because they need to sort out the applications first and will only call the ones they're interested in to be interviewed. Then again, I've only applied for a few jobs, but there's no related jobs advertised in the papers at all lately, and I refuse to change switch industry just yet.

Been jokingly telling my mom that I'll cut my long hair short once I get a job, not just any long hair mind you, I've been keeping my hair long for a few years already, and keeping it that long for a guy wasn't an easy job at all. It's like in certain stories where you wish for something and pledge to forgo something as a sacrifice for your wish to come true? This is what I'm doing now, I pledge my long hair to get a good job (That I enjoy) as soon as possible. Hell, if that job last for more than a year, me getting paid very well and I'm enjoying it, I'll shave my head! The Flyz has spoken!

A bald Fly... Hmm, now that WASN'T a pretty sight at all... OK, I'll just cut it very short then.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

St. Fly

Now this is really one for the records of one of the funniest blog post I've ever read, link from Rant Rave Bitch

I barely smoke nowadays, barely drink, barely fuck, barely talk cock, barely sin...
Hell, I'm even more qualify than that fellow!

That's it, I'm proclaiming myself St. Fly, Patron Saint of Phatasses


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That was a frame from Tatsuya Ishida's Sinfest comic for 10th October 2005

I've no bloody idea what googey means, but its sounds catchy and I'll be 'Googey!' rather frequently from now on. Don't ask...

Today was my first day at work in Mid Valley after a very long absent from that shop, and also more than a week bumming at home. I felt rather good to be doing something at last, all this bumming at home is not very good, already I get bored at things easily, and being at home feeling bored all the time doesn't help.

I've applied for several jobs already for the last few weeks, but no reply from anybody yet, which is starting to worry me. One of the job I applied for is A&P exec for Trend Matrix, the brainchild behind some of the hottest clubs in KL, Beach Club included, now that's one job I really wanted.


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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Was out with David, Nelsen, Nicole, Tricia and Michelle earlier today, initially we planned to go Hartamas to have dinner, but osmehow we ended up in SS2 Murni instead. I can never really grasp what's so great about Murni that so many people like to go there anyway, the food there wasn't especially great, nor the price, and I'm not even going into the service, but the variety is really staggering though, ever heard of Naan Beckham? Murni's got it, never tried though...

Tricia and Michelle left slightly earlier than us, Michelle has to return her car to her sister early and Tricia had to adjourned to somewhere else with her boyfriend. The thing between me and Tricia is a very complicated relationship, you see, we both hates each other's gut with passion. I never really understand what's her problem with me, but I hate her simply because she hates me. Been going on since early diploma days, and I'll probably never understand why, but then again, it's OK with me.

The issue of Nelsen and Devonia came up during the conversations, and frankly, I think they'll really be a sweet couple, IF Nelsen got the balls to go for it that is. I find Devonia a rather sweet girl, the homey, quiet, girl-next-door type, which Nelsen fancies. Devonia's sister was rather sweet too, her name's Huey Li, I think, sounds that way, but I don't know how to spell her name.

Nicole went to watch a movie with Devonia after the dinner and the guys all went home after that. I sorta wandered around KL after dropping off David, tried to call Arthur out for a drink, but he's jamming in a studio and won't be available until 2am, Keh Leong is in Genting, Alex is sleeping and Dyonne is with some friends. I just drove around KL and went home eventually. I've been really bored lately, probably due to the fact that I'm at home the entire day, now that I'm unemployed again.

I'm playing back GTA: San Andreas again, Dungeon Siege 2 was too boring for me to continue, and since I never uninstalled GTA, I played it again. Planning to play it with more detail this time, now that I understand the game now, and also is more familiar with the controls compared to the first time I played it.

I'll be in Mid Valley's CD shop the entire next week, which is probably a goosd thing, takes my mind off the bloody boredom for awhile, and also earning some extra money.

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Friday, October 07, 2005


I went to sleep at 8.30 Thursday morning. After the previous post yesterday, I planned to go to bed, but I can't sleep, went downstairs to watch Rambo 3 DVD instead, and some TV after that, before I know it, it's 6am and my dad and sister is waking up to go to school. Went for a morning jog at about6.30, it's really nice to breathe in some fresh air once awhile, came back about an hour later, took a bath and wanted to blog a little, but was down for maintenance at that time, so i went to bed instead, and falling asleep only after almost an hour later.

We went to watch The Longest yard just now, after missing it yesterday. Me, David, Nelsen, David's sister; Cheryl, Chia Wei, Nicole, Devonia and Devonia's sister; Huey Li I think, I forgot her name. Not a bad movie, one of the best comedy for a long long time, everything else on the cinema lately sucks. Anyway, after the movie, we went to Asia cafe again, had something to eat and drink and talk, Cheryl and Chia Wei went home already. Talked about everything from songs to the movie to what we did in Pulau kapas a few years ago. sorta brings back all the old memories from that trip, one of the best vacation I've had.

Still no replies for the CVs I send out the last few days, I assumed they'll only reply when the dateline is up and they've done sorting out the emails, I just send out another application for PR Exec awhile ago, 'till they reply, all I can do is wait. I'll be working in the old CD shop in Mid Valley next week, earn myself some pocket money while bumming.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Food and other things

Was out with David, Nelsen, Chia Wei, Nicole and devonia earlier today, was supposed to watch 'The Longest Yard', but some shit came up about the cinema policy about cnnot use free tickets redeems first week of movie screening or some shit.

We ended up at Asia Cafe in SS15 to hang out and have a drink and a bite or two, but boy did we bite! The little drink and munch session turned out to be a full course mage-supper involving the likes of Ikan bakar, fried mushrooms, popiah, lobak, Sarawak noodle, satay and some Japanese stuff. Of course I'm not the type to complain about food, especially when I'm only paying partially for it. Whee!!

I've applied for a few jobs yesterday, send out a couple of CVs via the email and hoping they'll call me, or email me, or something. I'm applying mostly for advertising, event management or PR related jobs, or course I'll like to go back into event management, but those jobs are hard to come by and are seldom hiring, so all I probably do now is hope I guess.

My PC is infected by spyware! Fuckers, it somehow even managed to corrupt my spysweeper and rendered it useless, unless I re-install the software, which I have no idea where the CD is now. I think I'm going to format my PC soon, waiting for the Norton Antivirus 2006 to come out and I'll format my PC and update all my softwares. Naturally spywares and adwares wasn't a great big harm to your PC at all, it just pops up an advertisement here and there, which you can always click it away and continur to do whatever you do. But naturally also, I like to keep my PC clean of crap, so it bothers me alot when I found out that my PC is infected. Is going to download Ad -Aware and see how's the scan result is like, if its too critical, I might format my PC even before the new antivirus is out.

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Me be professional bum...

i am now a professional bum, which is very different from a typical bum. A typical bum would hang around at home and do typical house chores and not making any profit. A professional bum hangs out at home, sleep, eat and play games on the PC. I'm talking nonsense...

Last week was absofuckinglutely boring, spend the entire day in the office doing nothing, surfing the net, reading blogs and chatting on MSN, of course there's lunchtime and the occasionally piss cum cigarette break. I go into the office at almost 11 and leave at 5.30 sharp, someone should make me example employee.

Probably the only thing that lifted my spirit, albeit a little, is the college reunion / gathering on Saturday. For the first time, the students from my batch and my senior were together in a gathering. Although only 7 of us from my batch, but it was fun, I think...

Nonetheless, after the duinner, me and the guys ended up in a cyber cafe in SS15 for our gaming session, when this thought struck me; "Damned, we be sad people or not?" Half the people who attended the gathering adjourned to other places, some went home and sleep, but most went either clubbing, bar-hopping, drinking, having fun and 'socializing'. I wouldn't say our gaming session wasn't fun, but that's all we did all the fucking time. I don't plan to waste my prime years spending every weekend in a fucking cyber cafe playing games like a geek we are.

What's the problem? Nelsen was a typical chinese boy who stays at home and watch TV on weekends, the irony is that he can't speak a word in Chinese. David is a erm... I don't know what to say. He just DON'T socialize with strangers, and don't drink beer. That left me with Joe, whom half the time is either missing in action, or working. I'm stuck in this sad sad world of mine. I think I needed a girlfriend, soon, really, before I turn into a gay geek. Ack!

Frankly, I didn't make a single attempt to look for a job now, yeah, I'm browsing the newspapers and searching the websites looking for job, but I didn't really send out any resume at all, matter of fact, i haven't even updated my resume.

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