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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Was out with David, Nelsen, Nicole, Tricia and Michelle earlier today, initially we planned to go Hartamas to have dinner, but osmehow we ended up in SS2 Murni instead. I can never really grasp what's so great about Murni that so many people like to go there anyway, the food there wasn't especially great, nor the price, and I'm not even going into the service, but the variety is really staggering though, ever heard of Naan Beckham? Murni's got it, never tried though...

Tricia and Michelle left slightly earlier than us, Michelle has to return her car to her sister early and Tricia had to adjourned to somewhere else with her boyfriend. The thing between me and Tricia is a very complicated relationship, you see, we both hates each other's gut with passion. I never really understand what's her problem with me, but I hate her simply because she hates me. Been going on since early diploma days, and I'll probably never understand why, but then again, it's OK with me.

The issue of Nelsen and Devonia came up during the conversations, and frankly, I think they'll really be a sweet couple, IF Nelsen got the balls to go for it that is. I find Devonia a rather sweet girl, the homey, quiet, girl-next-door type, which Nelsen fancies. Devonia's sister was rather sweet too, her name's Huey Li, I think, sounds that way, but I don't know how to spell her name.

Nicole went to watch a movie with Devonia after the dinner and the guys all went home after that. I sorta wandered around KL after dropping off David, tried to call Arthur out for a drink, but he's jamming in a studio and won't be available until 2am, Keh Leong is in Genting, Alex is sleeping and Dyonne is with some friends. I just drove around KL and went home eventually. I've been really bored lately, probably due to the fact that I'm at home the entire day, now that I'm unemployed again.

I'm playing back GTA: San Andreas again, Dungeon Siege 2 was too boring for me to continue, and since I never uninstalled GTA, I played it again. Planning to play it with more detail this time, now that I understand the game now, and also is more familiar with the controls compared to the first time I played it.

I'll be in Mid Valley's CD shop the entire next week, which is probably a goosd thing, takes my mind off the bloody boredom for awhile, and also earning some extra money.

Before this, I was: Reading up GTA: San Andreas guides
Currently listening to: Foo Fighter - Times Like These (Acoustic version)
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