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Saturday, September 24, 2005

'In between jobs'

I am now officially 'in between jobs'

I received the news today, my company had decided to not extend my probation period and I am to leave the company with effect on 30th September 2005, which is next week. frankly saying, I was never really interested in my job anyway, and I have sort of expected this to come sooner or later.

So I have 1 week to bum around the office and start looking for jobs again. i year ago, I probably won't give a shit whether I'm working or not? Not working means I'll be bumming at home. But the situation has changed, dramatically. I have bigger esponsibilities now, I have to pay for the car, deal with the car's petrol myself, and other shit that I don't even bother to think about last time.

I'm scanning through the employment section of The Star today, and found a few companies hiring AEs. I supposed I'm going to stick to the communications field or work, advertising, PR, events and stuff. The whole world is telling me that marketing is definitely a better paying job than the shit I'm doing now, but I don't think I want to branch into another field just yet. People have been telling me that it's OK to do other jobs, and it's not neccessary to work what you studie. But my answer is why bother studying for something if you don't plan to work in that field? I might as well take up a degree in marketing if I were to end up in marketing anyway. I think I'll stick to my own field, its probably the only field where my passion is, don't bother to work for the sake of working.

I'm expecting at least a month of bumming at home, unemployed before I can find another job. It's not going to be easy, but luckily with this month's salary and the combined allowances for the past few rounds is able to support me for a few months before I can start earning normal salary again, as long as I don't overspend; which means no more Hot Wheels for the next few months, and I have to put my camera on hold until I can afford it effortlessly again.

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  • You don't have to work in the field that you have a degree in, many people don't.

    Degrees are fairly general, they don't teach you much practical real-world knowledge anyway, they teach you core values that are useful in any industry such as time management, teamwork, project timelines and so on.

    Useful stuff you learn as you go along, go with whatever you enjoy the most, if you studied that or not it doesn't matter, what you enjoy will be the field you prosper in as your natural aptitude will be higher.

    By Anonymous ShaolinTiger, at 1:01 PM  

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