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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Remember that crossroad I mentioned? Well, I've explored the few options I can take, one is blocked by a huge boulder; one has potholes the size of a schmuck (don't ask) and another is windy, but looked clear, although I can see some obstacles in the distance.

Received a rather shocking piece of news today, it pretty much confirms that issue, the issue I refused to believe, until today. The sources of the news are very convincing, one is a collegue and another is the pet brother; both my good friends. I guess I can believe them.

What should I do? I can't really sit at the crossroad forever can I? I can either climb the bloody boulder, and risking breaking my back; jump the potholes, and risking dead; or I can continue the windy road and pray the obstacles along the way are no big deal.

I'm going off to Kangar today (Thursday) for the race, and is coming back on Monday. Working is good, at least working keeps the mind occupied to the job at hand and keeps it from wandering too far.

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