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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Sure... Uh huh

Damned I'm bored, I've got loads of stuff to do in the office now, but I'm just too damned bored to do anything now, just waiting for the time to past 6 and I'll fuck off. Going to catch a movie with David and Nelsen tonight, don't know what to watch yet, maybe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wanted to watch Gol & Gincu, heard from alot of people saying its good, wanna check it out, but I doubt Nelsen would wanna watch this type of movie, he hates it. Hmm, maybe I'll ask her to watch with me... *smile*

Been reading some some blogs just now, came across a few good ones, and a few that I felt like reaching into the monitor and slap them.
  1. Ive been reading Joyce The Fairy for quite some time already, I think she is funny, I like the way she writes spontaneously.
  2. I found Vernon when I'm searching for information about the Proton Satria R3 Limited Edition, apparently he owns one. He's a designer that races cars as a hobby.
  3. Erm... Suanie, I forgot how or when I stumbled into her blog, but I found her blog to be very funny and an interesting read no doubt.
  4. Finicky Feline, this is the blogger that I felt like reacing across the monitor to slap her. I mean, she's a bloody Malaysian and is pretending to be Singlander, what a bitch. I still read her though.

Oh look at the time, I'm going home now. Planning a short nap before going out to meet the guys later.

I think I'll just scrap the joke of the day, it's not funny...

*EDIT: The real time is alot faster than the blog time by the way, as I'm typing this, its already 6.02pm

Currently supposed to be: On the way home
Currently listening to: Something on radio that I can't make out


  • Sometimes ah, you really fucking astound me with your logic.

    If you don't like the bloody blogger, stop reading her la.

    Or file them with a special link.

    Like XX i put her under Whiny Singaporean Cunt.

    By Blogger kensei, at 2:57 PM  

  • Just passing through and saw your site. Great Blog! I'll check in occasionally.

    I have a computer repair Dunwoody site/blog.

    Come and check it out if you get time :-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:28 PM  

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