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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Digi is full of crap

Mots of us Malaysians probably already knew that Digi is having it's 10th anniversary now and giving out mega promotions to celebrate it. Yeah, why not? If you've survived in such a competitive industry for 10 bloody years, its definitely a good reason to celebrate. Let's see what sort of 'stuff' they're doing for celebration:

1. Free RM30 talktime for NEW prepaid subscribers
2. Free supplementary line for NEW postpaid subscribers
3. Free family line if you subscribe for the NEW business plan
4. Only RM0.48 for IDD calls
5. Free downloads of wallpapers, tones and other stuff
6. RM0.10 for traffic information
7. Only RM0.10 per MMS
8. Bubbletalk promotion
9. SMS contest to win 10 months' salary
10. Radio contest on

Here's the crap part, first 3...
It a bloody promotion for NEW subscribers, what about people like me who's been using Digi for donkey years?! Now they have Beyond prepaid, Prepaid Plus and all the fancy names, my SIM card still simply says Digi Prepaid, that's when Digi was among the first to have a prepaid service. What do I get for being so loyal to the brand for so long?

Number 4
How many people do you know who still uses their handphone to make IDD calls? RM0.48? Why would anyone pay that amout when they can use a landline and call for like RM0.30?

Number 5 and 7
You think everyone is rich enough to own a MMS enabled phone ah? Most people only need the phone to make calls and SMS, we don't need stupid MMS, GPRS, PMS or whatever asses in our phone, it's a bloody phone, not a computer!

Number 6
Traffic information? Need any? Turn on the radio and get it for FREE! Want something on the spot, call Red 104.9 for FREE!

Number 8
Bubbletalk? Huh? What the fuck?

Number 9
Yeah, I tried this, wasted money to win a CHANCE, not to win the contest, just a bloody chance to win the contest. Excellent!

Number 10
Radio contest, bullshit-lah! I have perfect ideas how radio contests works, and believe me, don't even bother to try.

The reason I actually stick to Digi is because like I said, I've used this number for donkey years, and changing numbers and telling everyone is sheer stupidity. But don't you think that Digi should at least do something to appreciate loyal users like me? I'll be content if they send us maybe say, RM10 talk time as a token of appreciation for brand loyalty, but no! They're only interested in fishing new customers. What a load of crap, 10th anniversary... Bah!

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