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Monday, August 01, 2005

Meme... Schmeme 2

Wow! Joe tagged me for a meme! I'm so thrilled! Whee!


OK, due to the unwritten rule that one must answer memes once one is tagged or your genitals will fall off, I shall answer the meme

Vital Statistics

Name: Wan Yat Fei aka Fly aka Flyz aka Fatboy aka Pigga aka His Royal Fatness

Birthday: 20th March 1982

Gender: Male

Height: Erm... 180 something cm, I think

Relationship status: Sadly, hopelessly single

Starsign: The sign of the 2 whale (That's Pisces for the ignorant ones)

Chinese year of the: Dog

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hobbies: Reading, playing PC games, sleeping, eating... among other things

Pets: Pets are a waste of time

Family members: Mom, dad and an 18 years old sister (Don't get any funny ideas!)

Quote: "I'm hungry"


Drink: Hmm, hard to say... Vanilla coke I supposed

Alcohol: Erm... I don't drink much, but I can down a significant quantity

Cigarettes: Marlboro Lights

Food: Do I look picky to you?

Football team: I don't watch football, but if you must... Arsenal

Actor: Erm... Johnny Depp is cool

Actress: Emma Watson :-p

Movies: Hackers, Fast and Furious (1 & 2), Cruel Intentions, The Beach

Comic: Not a comic fan, but again, if you must... The Star's daily comics

Song: Hmm... hard to say. Faye Wong - Eyes on Me (FF8 Theme) among others...

Color: Any shade of blue (Yes, even gay-ass neon blue)

Are you...?

A career person: Hmm, I think I am... I think

A risk taker: Typical Chinese me... no

A sociable person: Not really, sometimes prefer to be alone

A family person: If this means you stick to your family, yes

A party animal: Sometimes, mostly not

A nymphomaniac: If I'm a chick, I might be...

A BDSM freak: Hell no!

A flirt: A wannabe...

Do you?

Like little furry animals: If I can shoot them, yes

Like scantily dressed members of the opposite sex: Very much so, yes (Hell yeah!)

Like to sit down with a good book: Yup, books relaxes me

Like playful, active children: Anything, as long as they're quiet

Like anyone in particular: Erm... yes, and no, I mean yes, no, no, er... yes


A funny experience: "Leong tiu mao" will always be a classic

A nightmare: I don't remember dreams... nor nightmares

Your dreams: I'll tell you once its confirmed

Fill in the sentence with the most imaginative thing you have in mind:

The aardvark... Stand in the middle of the road, stops a Proton Wira, forced open the door, dragged the driver out, told the driver "No hard feelings, but you're being jacked!" and drove off

OK, meme accomplished...

I can't tag anyone because no one reads my blog and the one who did are either already tagged, or don't own a blog. So be it then...


  • ur last line sort of tells me that I may very well hve been tagged. So i think I shall NVR open Joe's blog again, not seeing a meme means I dont have to do it. :D

    By Blogger David, at 7:24 PM  

  • hoi! pergi buat!

    By Blogger kensei, at 11:11 PM  

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