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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Anyone seen my weekend?

Its Wednesday already, and I still haven't seen my weekend.
Last weekend was mad, for most, weekends starts on Friday and lasted 'till Sunday. Mine started on Thursday last week. Here's what happened...
It was the 3rd round of the Asia Road Racing Championship 2005 in Sepang, as you all knew, my company's the organizer. Thursday and Friday was pretty much stupid and boring, set this up, bring that up, unload that shit and shits like that...
Saturday was the actual qualifying day, not much of qualifying actually, everyone who registers get to race anyway, its more like a timed practice session. Finally get to see the bikes in action, a little slower than what I expected, but then again, I played too many games, so nevermind.
Sunday's the race day, that's when all the spectators come, the guests comes and the grid girls show themselves. Sad to say, they're nothing much to shout about, just 2 grid girls from Yamaha during most of the races, the uniforms are hot, but the face's a little on the brownbag side, so...
The real hot girls comes out during the 600cc superbike session, these girls comes together with the China team; China Yuan XG Jao Racing Team. Their pictures can be found here; the first two pictures are them. Their uniforms are definitely super hot and of course, so does their bodies, even the faces are passable.
Anyway, at the end of the race, the usual routine kicks in, keep this shit, pack this shit, take down that shit, and other shits...
So, theres goes my weekend... If you can even call it a weekend, it's just a saturday and sunday for me, not a weekend.


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