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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Firstly, you'll notice I have a lot of blogs titled 'untitled'. That's because I can't think of a title for my post, simple as that... don't ask why

Went to watch War of The Worlds with david today, not a bad movie... one of the best I've seen this year (I don't watch many movies, most of them I watch are free). But like every other good movies, there are the negative points...

1. Tom Cruise is still too short

2. Dakota Fanning talked too much, and screamed waaaaaay too much, kinda annoying

3. Just like every other adapted-from-book movie, it's not faithful to the original book

But still, it's a great movie.
Oh, guess what?
I'm not going to Kluang tomorrow, will be going on Friday instead.

You know what that means?
I'll be playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas again tonight, I wonder what weird sort of dreams will I get tonight? Stealing cars? 'Getting it on' with one of the girls? Stealing planes? 'Getting it on' with one of the girls? Killing someone? 'Getting it on' with one of the girls? or 'Getting it on' with one of the girls? I wonder...

Listening to Velvet Revolver's Fall to Pieces now, a rather good song really, sorta bring you back to the Guns & Roses era. But then again, Slash is in the Velvet Revolver, so the whole band got an G&R aura around it.

Oh well, I'm going off to play GTA now...

"See you around ese, keep safe" - Cesar Vialpando


  • stealing planes?

    one question: what are u going to do with the planes? push it into a garage?


    By Blogger David, at 1:06 AM  

  • Don't you be tripping out on me!

    I be Julian teh Apostate who works as SATAN part time.

    Meanwhile, Hell has coffeebreak while i slug my balls off in the office.

    By Blogger kensei, at 12:00 PM  

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