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Monday, April 04, 2005


Changes... a nice title isn't it?

Saw an episode of 'Bear in the Big Blue House' on Astro's Disney Kids today, did I mention that was one of my favorite shows on TV? Despite its catered for pre-school childrens? :-)

A lot of things changed these recent weeks, a lot of thing changed for the better... or worst.

I'm no longer unemployed, is working in kajang now, Sg. Chua to be exact. Two Wheels Motor Racing Sdn. Bhd., an event management company responsible for the promotion and management of the malaysian Cub prix Championship and the Asian Road Racing Championship. Both are bike racing events, wasn't really my can of beer, but at least betetr than selling CDs in Mid Valley no? the job wasn't oo bad at all, not great, but not bad either... But I'm only there for a week, so I wouldn't know how the job's like, too early for me to judge.

Relationship-wise... I wasn't really into anything recently, after my experience with Elsie, I kinda decided to let go of the issue for awhile, a little too much for me to take. Have been concentrating on my job and my friends alot now, just wanna let my mind relax for awhile from all these relation-love-romance bullshit.

What else in interesting in my life lately? Nothing much really, other than what's mentioned above, everything else is bland.

Pope John Paul II (1920 - 2005) passed away yesterday (Sunday). I might not be a catholic, but I'm still saddened by the passing of another great person.


  • I hate chage. Change is BAD! Its often bad at least...

    but i like my blog webcoutner hits to change :) <- that's a HINT!

    By Blogger David, at 12:23 AM  

  • *Is still happily unemployed*

    OH wait i ran outta money.


    *Is now looking for job*

    By Blogger kensei, at 6:08 PM  

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