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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

V's Day + One

It's my new blog!
What new blog?
This very blog you're reading you git!
Oh this blog... what about it?

Guess what? I have a blog page now! (Duh!) Actually this is not the first time I attempt to start a blog page, this is probably my third or forth time, the previous one flunks.
Today, no, it's yesterday is Valentine's Day or what we affecianately call V's Day. Another year gone, another V's Day gone. Much like every other year, which in another word, its called NOTHING. There's alot of nothing for the past few years during V's Day, wanna hear about it?
Aww... come on, I know you wanna hear about it.
I said NO!
Whatever, this is how it goes...
Last year, that's 2004, I was in Selama, my grandma just passed away at that time, so my entire family went back. Very un-interesting year...
Stop it already!
2003, I'm still in college this year, what happened? Seriously, I can't remember... Is it this year that the Monique issue came up? Or was it 2002? I'm not very sure...
What happened prior to 2003 is a blur to me, amnesia... I lost all my memory. But vaguely, I remember a year that I'm going after Crystal, my senior, I bought a test-tube. Yes a test-tube with some fragrant beans in it and some message, can't remember what's the message. I waited for her at the Subang Square building that housed the Taylor's School of Business, she worked at the library, so I waited for her to finish and presented her the test-tube. Interesting? Maybe... But I can't remember the exact details. Maybe there are something else to it, but I'm not sure...
OK! Enough already of your stupid V's Day memories, nobody wants to know about it!
This year's was kinda fun...Came back from Selama today, it was Chinese New Year last week, so I came back today. Me and David went to watch a movie; 'Shall We Dance' starring Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez. Very interesting movie, kinda made wanna start taking dancing lessons. Anyway, so it was a guy's night out, me and David watched the movie, then picked up Nelsen and went to have a drink at the Mamak.
Another issue today...
More?! Damned...
Elsie went off to Penang today, my actual plan was to find her and went for a dinner or something. I did promised to bring her for dinner sometime back then, so I plan to fulfill the promise tonight, in conjunction to V's Day. I also planned to present her with a heart-shaped keychain that I picked up sometime back, no idea who to give it to, so I just bought it and is sitting on my table now. And since it's V's Day, so I though of giving it to her. But she went off to Penang to meet a friend, bah!
Done already?!
Err, I think so...
OK then, I supposed that's pretty much all I can say for one day.Until next time... Happy Valentine's Day
It's over you dolt! It's passed 12 already, Happy Valentine my arse!
Shut up!


  • Well, congrats on ur 1st post. At least you did better than monkeys :)

    And its Vday or V-Day (if u like the D-Day motif) Nit V's Day. Pronounced Vees Day? Who the heck is Vee? :)

    Anyway, XiaXue said not to read any blogs till friday cos everyone will be blogging about Vday. So far I think she's right :)

    By Blogger David, at 11:59 PM  

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