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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Internet war/bitch?

Don't you think that the internet is an extremely interesting thing?

The amount of information and er... 'mis-information' that you can dig out by a few clicks of the mouse. There are so many things you can ahem... find from the internet, from educational information and latest news to 'How to make a Molotov Cocktail' to ahem... 'stimulating' er... datas :-)

Did I mention starting a war? Most recently, an 'internet war' just started in SIngapore, which involves slandering, accusation and downright verbal attack between two parties. Click on the link on my side bar for XIaxue to know what I mean. Yes, that girl that I linked to in my fashion post.

Why do I always link my post to her? Don't ask...

The latest piece of her post is most interesting indeed, something about cab-snatching and being called fat. I'm lazy to detail her post, just read it yourself... The point of my post today is not about cab-snatcher nor being called fat, in which I'm immuned to already...

The point is about internet security, Xia Xue managed Sherlock her way around the internet to find her accuser's personal data, boyfriend's data and even managed to get her hands on pictures of the accuser and her boyfriend.

Does what she did right or wrong? (Don't know what I'm saying? Read her damned blog!!) I understand that if you post your information anywhere in the internet, be assured that strangers will see it. But gaining the information for slander and verbal attacks, is that right or wrong?

I'm not going to answer that question now, I'm just going to leave it hanging for you to
ponder upon...


  • i think they are both immature :)
    but i am irritated that its so easy to disable a javascript password. And whats the point of a password on a Global blog?
    taxi snatcher = moron :)

    By Blogger David, at 12:24 AM  

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