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Thursday, February 17, 2005


Argh! What the hell happened?
Nothing, its just the fireworks outside...
It scarred the hell outta me!
Remember the times when we're kids and fireworks are still legal then? We have enough fireworks to start a war with the neighbor kids.
Today is the 9th day of Chinese New Year, the day the Hokkiens pray to the sky, and fireworks are essential for the ritual.
Did I mentioned that fireworks are banned already?
It's banned! Damned...
Yeah, banned. Even today news featured a guy got fined a couple thousands for owning some fireworks, feaky. But people are still firing up the fireworks like nobody's business outside right now.
Oh well, I'm off to watch the fireworks, 'till next time...


  • Yea, I hear you. Fireworks were banned here in North Carolina quite some time ago when I was still a kid yet they are still legal 45 minutes south of here in South Carolina. You can imagine the trafficing that goes on around the american celebration of Independence day. An interesting story,: A couple of years ago, the city of Wilmington, North Carolina decided that instead of hireing an expensive out of state company to come in and produce the annual July 4th extravaganza, they would to give the job to a local city employee to save some money. That was the year several large rockets were inadvertently fired into a group of people, burning a couple of children. Needless to say, the official and the employee lost their jobs.

    By Blogger Michuli, at 1:35 AM  

  • reminds me of meriam buluh (home made bamboo cannons) but only in those they blow of thier own fingers almsot entirely on purpose... stupid monkeys :)

    By Blogger David, at 6:55 PM  

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