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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh shit!
It's that day of the year again, it's my birthday!! Yup, 20th of March every damned year is my birthday.
Why am I so damned unhappy about my own birthday? Why? You should be unhappy too, would you be happy to know you're another damned year older? I certainly am not...
Maybe when I was a kid, I love birthdays, you're one year older towards your teens, which is 'supposed' to be the best years of your life. But i'm growing OUT of teenage and is actually growing OLD! Hell, of course I'm unhappy!
Anyway... unhappiness aside and concentrate abit on the happy side ler. The first person that SMS me to wish me happy birthday was Bokkie (Thanks girl...) Approximately 8 minutes after midnight. Followed by Yan Yan (Agnes), erm... almost 2 hours later. Thirdly, surprises... my boss, followed by Chia Wei and follwoed from some of my colleagues from Mid Valley.
Hmm... presents? His Evil-highness gave me a book called 'You know you're a workaholic when...' knowingly that I'm UNEMPLOYED!! Evil! Got 50 bucks from me dad. Er... CD from Azmyl, can't consider this a present ler... but what the hell! It's free...
What's my birthday wishes?
Come to think of it... I didn't really made up my mind yet. A job? More money? Girlfriend(s?)? World peace?
A job, not really... More money? Who doesn't? Doh! Girlfriend(s?)? Well, this is my 23rd year spending my birthday alone, yeah... why not? World peace? I say we nuke 'em all!!
I'm not sure about birthday wishes, I've lost count of the things I wished for, and I lost count of the things I never had... I think birthday wishes are just somrthing you do to comnfort yourselves, when's the last time you heard someone's birthday wishes coming true? Maybe it will come true 10 years later, but what the heck?!
Oh hell! Happy Birthday to me!!


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