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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dream a GTA dream

As some of y'all might already knew, I'm currently 'into' this new game called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Very Interesting game no doubt, and addictive... damn bloody addictive. Been playing it for the last few weeks, and is sleeping at almost 4am everyday just to play that stupid game.
I'm an avid gamer, I play all sorts of games, and I'm known to play games until late into the night. So it wasn't much of a surprise when I played GTA until 4am in the morning. But what really freaks me out is I actually dreamt a GTA dream!
Do you play GTA: San Andreas?
If you do, you'll know that one of the missions requires CJ (The character you play in the game) to steal several vehicles from a list for 'export' purpose. So in my dream... I AM CJ, not playing as CJ, but is CJ himself.
One of the vehicles required is a convertible called a Feltzer, of which when I played before I went to bed, took me quite some time to locate. I can still remember the dream rather vividly, I'm sorta walking around in San Fierro and somehow stumbled upon a Feltzer in a parking lot somewhere, so in full GTA tradition, I just jack it and drive it away from the parking lot and drive towards the dock to 'export' it. But that's also when the police start giving chase, and they don't just come in cars and bikes like the game... these came with tanks! And the weird thing is, I can see the tank driver; David (Git! Get outta my dream!) So I drive like mad to escape from the evil tank driver, but...
I woke up at that point, either that or I forgot what happens next. This is really freaky, it shows that I'm definitely playing too many GTA: San Andreas. I can't remember dreaming of being IN any other game before, or like I said, either that or I forgotten.
Luckily I'll be going off to Kluang tomorrow, at least it gave me a chance of NOT playing that damned game for a few days, with luck... I'll be able to keep my sanity until the next GTA comes out.
'till then...
"No hard feelings, but you're being jacked!"



    As for the dream, that's just freaky.

    Wait till you get the lawsuit notice for violating the ang mo's right to control special appearances he goes to :P

    By Blogger kensei, at 5:28 PM  

  • I don't recall being paid to star in your dream :)

    I am Tank Commander! Straight out of DC Comics, that one...

    Tank You, Tank You.
    *bows suavely

    By Blogger David, at 12:43 AM  

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