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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Oh heck... I can't think of an appropriate title for this post, here are some that came into my head when I tried to put a title to this post:

a. The Kluang Experience
b. The Kluang Thing
c. A few days in Kluang
d. Bullfarting in Kluang
e. The mis-adventures of a Chinese fellow in a small city in Johor by the name of Kluang
f. I know what I did last weekend
g. Kluang Strikes Back
h. Cub Prix: Revenge of Kluang (!)

I ended up with 'Untitled', which is an appropriate title for a post without a title...

Anyway, I just got back from Kluang yesterday afternoon, after a bloody long weekend toiling at the racetrack in hell, er... I mean Kluang. As most of y'all should already knew by now that I worked in an event organizing company dealing with motorcycle races. (I'd say ALL of you should know because there are virtually no stranger that reads this stupid blog so if you don't I'll have to shoot you, and survivors will be shot again)
Back to pressing issues, Kluang is pretty much as hell as hell can be, the weather is super "Are you sure we're in Malaysia and not Sahara?" hot and it rains like mad in the evening. 3 days of hot and cold wet, hot again, then cold wet can really kill someone. I'm not dead yet, but I felt like dead, my whole body aches, I can barely walk and my nose is running like a damned waterfall.
There really wasn't much to talk about my races, its pretty much monotonous all year round, we set-up the tents, we place the A-boards, we put up the flags, we set-up the banners, we hang around doing nothing-while looking at umbrella girl's ass-while mad idiots risk their life on a bike-while the bosses entertain the VIPs. After the race, we bring down the tents, keep the A-boards, flags and banners and go home. Pretty much the same every damned race, except for a few surprises, like seeing some idiot broke his rib bone, endure the weather (Heat is normal, rain is surprisingly seldom), see the bike fly off the fence and other crap like that. It's a very interesting job indeed (<-- This is probably the biggest lie I ever told myself).
One interesting point during the weekend is the fact that I smoked less than a pack the entire weekend, which is a huge improvement from almost a full pack a day, even more during race weekends. At the moment, I still have 5 un-opened packs of Marlboro Lights that David bought from the airport when he came back from Thailand. I told myself that I'll stretch that 5 packs until end of the year, and then I'll kick it, for good.
Many things happened while I'm away during the weekend, London is in chaos, a bridge fell down in Klang, Fernando Alonso got 2nd in Silverstone (Probably had a bad singing session before the race), a friend of mine broke-up with her boyfriend and aliens invaded Subang! (Don't ask!).
Oh well, enough bullfarting for now, time to go home...
"I say we nuke 'em all" - George Bush


  • Would that be Bush Sr. or the moron known as Jr. ?

    I want stare at sexy umbrella girls too. :(

    Wtf is my Shirt you BASTERD!

    And uh.. din din tonite.

    By Blogger kensei, at 12:15 PM  

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