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Sunday, July 17, 2005


WARNING: This is a boring post, so if you're easily offended by boring post, please move away. Thank you
Last weekend was one of the most boring weekend I've ever experienced in my life (so far). Of the 48 hours, almost 30 hours is spent on sleeping, pretty much re-paying back all the lost sleep during the weekedays before.
Friday night was spend with my families having buffet at The Atrium at Sunway Tower because my grandfather and my cousin is is town, spend the rest of the night in front of the computer playing Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas. Slept early that night...
Woke up early today, went to Subang parade MPH to pick up the new Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. The book comes in a fancy paper bag which consists of the book (doh!), a can of Vanilla Coke, a pack of Kit-Kat, a pen, ruler and a 10 bucks voucher from MPH. The whole package cost me RM 99.90(!), positively the most I've ever spend on a book. Spend the rest of the day sleeping...
Sunday, glorious sunday morning, but then again, I never knew because when I woke up, it's no longer morning, not even afternoon, I woke up at 3 :-) The rest of the day was spend watching TV, playing GTA and bumming around.
I told you it was a boring post, so until I found something more fun to do, bear with me. Anyway, it IS my life...


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