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Friday, July 15, 2005

Fly vs Boredom (Harry Potter style)

The new Harry Potter book would be out by tomorrow mornng.
The new Harry Potter movie poster is already available at the Sunway Pyramid TGV.
In the midst of the whole Harry Potter excitement, i'm going to re-post a very very old post about 'Fly vs Boredom' Harry Potter style, enjoy:
Boredom edged himself closer towards Fly.

Fly can feel the fear creeping into his heart, he's scared.

Boredom's reach out to touch Fly

Fly felt the greatest boredom he'd ever felt enveloping him, he draws his last strength and pulls out his wand.

Expecto Patronum!

A silvery wisp shoots out of Fly's wand, but nothing happened.

Expecto Patronum!

This time, a solid translucent silvery figure of a large Fly appears in front of him.

The Patronus Fly wheezes towards boredom, chasing it away.

The Patronus only managed to chase boredom back for awhile. Boredom retals by drawing out its wand and cast a Stupefy! spell on the Patronus. The Patronus fly freezes in mid air and fell onto the floor.

Seeing his patronus is freezed by boredom, the anger in Fly's heart rised to a new level and he is determined to destroy boredom once and for all.

Boredom saw the determination in Fly's eyes and tried to attack Fly before he can do anything.


Boredom casted the torture spell towards Fly.


Fly managed to cast the shielding spell just in the nick of time to protect himself from boredom's attack.


Fly casted the disarming spell to disarm boredom of his wand.

Avada Kevadra!

Fly casted the forbidden killing spell to attack boredom. Boredom, now disarmed and defenseless got hit square in the chest by the red bolt that shot out of Fly's wand.

Boredom let out a loud shout, clutched his chest and fell onto the floor. Boredom slowly dissolved into the plain air with a cloud of smoke.

Fly sheaths his wand and look at the empty space on the floor that used to be boredom. Fly leaves the place slowly and walked home.

Little did he know, another boredom is looming near him and is planning the next strike on Fly


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