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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Another untitled post, as always, I can't seem to think of a proper title for my posts, so untitled it is then...
Yesterday night was spend mostly in the car, cruising around KL, while my pet-sister; Agnes is sitting at the passenger seat crying. She just broke up with her boyfriend.
Here's how it goes, she called me at about 8 something yesterday night, sobbing into the phone, but not saying anything. She just refused to tell me what happened, I told her I'll go meet her at Sg. Long to talk about it. I kinda guessed what happened, probably she had an argument with the boyfriend or something like that, I never expected anything that serious.
I'll not go into the details of what happened to her, but just a vague idea of what happened for argument sake. It goes along the line of the boy liking another girl and decided that he liked THAT girl more than my pet-sister. Fine, boy like new girl, boy dumps old girl, good enough a reason and definitely valid enough, shits like that happens all the time. But the thing that ticks me off and the biggest reason she cried her hearts out yesterday was that he didn't properly explained to her what happened. He didn't meet up with her and tell her face-to-face about breaking-uplike a self-respecting gentleman would do. He just SMSed her telling her that he decided to break-up with her.
Would you believe it? That prick just SMSed her to tell her something like that... Fucker didn't even bother to call, much less meeting face-to-face. I've always hated that fucker anyway, probably the only ass among my pet-sisters string of admirers that dared to put down the phone on me. I felt like kicking his ass at that time, well, more a reason to do so now eh?
Nonetheless, is there even a proper way to break-up a relationship, I mean its not like something you do all the time, not even occasionally. As for me, I haven't a single clue of what to do, but I still think that whatever it is, it has got to be done in person, not just a fucking SMS.
I really don't know what to say to her when she told me what happened yesterday, other than lending a shoulder to cry on, I don't even know what to do. But she's a strong girl, I'm sure she'll pull it through soon enough. In the meantime, anyone felt like kicking some fucker's ass?
P/S: In case you're wondering what I meant by kicking ass, no... I'm not going to ask him to bend down for me to kick his ass. And I don't kill, I'll just do as David and break his legs. I mean, why killing him while you can make him suffer for a lifetime?
Me? A sadist? No, I'm just evil...


  • Trust me on this one thing. Never ever beat up someone just because of a pet sister. Ain't worth it, and she'll scream hell regardless.

    By Blogger kensei, at 5:58 PM  

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