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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Most of you guys would probably already knew that the bloody haze is back to Malaysia again, yes again... for the last 8 years. And just like the last eight years, its caused by the Indonesians, and of course, contributed by irresponsible malaysians as well.

It just kinda makes you wonder why isn't there anything done since its nothing new anymore? I mean, I'll understand if there's nothing we can do the first time, or even the first few years it hit us, but eight? Come on, eight years is pretty much long enough to do any research to come up with a proper solution isn't it?

Probably the only 'action' taken this year is the releasing of the Air Polution Index (API) that has always been kept secret for the past several years, other than that, nothing else.

What's the government doing about it? Set up special commitee to discuss the issue

What's Department of Environment doing about it? Set up special commitee to discuss the issue

What's the media doing about it? This I know... NOTHING!

Set up special commitee to discuss the issue, it's probably the same thing every time something happens in Malaysia. Landslides due to extensive hillside developement? Set up commitee to discuss and monitor. Flashflood in KL? Set up commitee to discuss and monitor. I mean, what the fuck?

What are the practical actions taken to tackle these issues? Other than sitting in some posh conference room in Putrajaya, breathing crispy clean ionized air conditioned air, downing gallons of 'teh tarik' and tons of 'karipap' while 'commoners' like you and me are choking our lungs in the haze.

There are a few conventional actions that can be taken, and is actually taken in the previous years to tackle the haze, one of the most efficient I think, cloud seeding. 'Seeding' (Don't ask me how) the cloud to create man-made rain in densely hazed areas. But surprisingly, there are no reports of cloud seeding being done anywhere, even places like Klang and Kuala Selangor, which reached the API of 500, which is critical level.

And of course there are the unconventional ways, which I supports 100%

I think it's about time we get back at Indonesia for what they're doing to us for the past several years, not as extreme as proposed by Mr. Rajan, but soemthing along the legal area maybe? Isn't there soemthing written in the international law the prohibits one country to pollute another?

Fuck it, let's all hope that a 'real' rain will come soon to wash away the haze, or some strong wind to blow it away (Singapore preferably)


  • Haha, thanks for the highlight, i'll add you to the credit rolls. :)

    But when u linked me at "irresponsible Malaysians" heck it looks like I'm the irresponsible one... :P

    By Blogger David, at 2:04 PM  

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