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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Life is fragile

I received a call early this (yesterday) morning from David, telling me that the mother of a close friend had just passed away. I'm never really closed with this friend, although I do confess that I had a crush on her sometimes before, but that's another story.

Yesterday night, we went to pay our respect to this friends mother in PJ. I wouldn't pretend to understand her feelings, but I think I know how she felt for I had lost my grandmother last year. I think I shall reveal anything about the funeral, nor mention anything about this friend of mine.

Let's talk about death...

Yeah, it wasn't a very good topic to talk about isn't it? especially not now in the midst of the thick haze in the middle of the night. But we all know that death was inevitable, it will come soooner or later for everybody. I lost my grandmother early last year, and an uncle later the same year. I was devastated and broke down completely when I found out that my grandmother passed away. I was never close to my grand mother from my fathers side of the family as she passed when I'm very young, so young that i never really understand the notion of death yet.

I'm very close to my grandmother from my mother's side of the family, I still remember me spending months at a time when I was in primary school when school holidays were once a year for a few months. from what I heard from my mother, she's the second person to hold me when I'm born, even before my father had a change to hold me. Its been over a year now since her death, but when times that I'm alone and had time to think of the past, I can still remember her clearly, and I do cry when I think of her.

Life is fragile, diseases and sickness plagued our lives constantly, there are simply too many chemicals and harmful materials involved in our daily life that its almost impossible for us to avoid them.

If there is one sickness that I wished never existed, its cancer, AIDS was a different story, if you live a healthy and clean lifestyle, its almost impossible to contract AIDS. But cancern is a killer that is almost impossible to avoid, everybody is at risk of one type or another. To date, I already attended the funeral of 2 victims of cancer, one of them being the mother of my friend which I went last night and an aunt that is battling cancer at the moment.

I don't think I can think of anything to talk about anymore now, Its too late, and I'm too tired, My eyes are wet when I though of my grandmother and I think everything I written in the past few paragraphs are slightly incoherent and uncoordinated.

I shall stop now...

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