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Sunday, September 11, 2005


Yeah, yet another untitled post, simply because there isn't any topic of focus in this post, if I can categorized the blog like Wordpress, it'll be under ramblings.

I just got back not too long ago, went out yamchar with Arthur, a friend of mine who used to work in UK Computer together. Was at the mamak near his place, this fella is available almost all the time and I think he spend more time at that mamak than he is at home.

She's in Penang now, her company is doing some promotion at the Penag Turf Club for a race tomorrow, (Sunday). I SMSed her a few times and actually called her once, and she replied me. Whee!

OK, so what if she replied your SMS? What so great about someone replying your SMS? You daft or something? People reply SMS also so happy? Because I seldom receive SMSes and she's the type who seldom reply SMSes when you SMSed her. Or maybe I'm just happy she SMSed me.

Oh, Nelsen is there too. He got some futsal thingy going on in Penang, and they both stayed at Gurney Hotel, it sort of have a corporate account with the company they work in, so whenever someone from their company goes to Penang, they stay there. I told Nelsen I'll cut off his balls if he does anything funny to her, but I doubt he will anyway...

It's 4am already, I'm tired, bored and sleepy... I think I'll go watch The Godfather part 2.

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