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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Emo and booze don't mix

Went to Reta's campaign launch this morning in Taylor's College, at the old campus. A STD awareness campaign for her final year assignment, the same as my own snatch theft pervention campaign back then. It really made me missed college, not because of the assignments, nor the exams, nor the classes, but the chicks. *Grin* the first thing to hit me when I walk into the campus are the chicks, haven't seen so many chicks in one place since college. *Drools*

Planned to go happy hours at Bar Flam with Joe and David after work today, but when we're all done, its passed 8 and the hours aren't too happy anymore, at least not to our wallets. We ended up at Min Tien for dinner and Joe ordered a bottle of beer. But I refused to drink because, well, let's just say my conscience took over me. You see, experience told me that emo and booze don't mix, I'm not feeling too cheery at that time, and if fueled with booze, I might go overboard with the emo shit and do a Joe. We tried to call her to join us, but she's sorta busy, that's probably another reason to add to my less-than-cheery feeling at the time.

Earlier today, Joe sort of told me that she is seeing somebody at the moment, probably that's the reason why she broke up with th brit fella, but I guessed I'll never know. But once again, I refused to believe it, just like when Yee May and the other girls gossipped about her and another guy, I refused to believe it.

I'm at a crossroad now, do I continue to go for her, or should I give up? I've been at this crossroad before, so many times that if there's an attendant at this crossroad, we're probably best buddies by now. But being at this crossroad numerous times doesn't mean I know where to go, I'm still lost and stuck at this crossroad, pondering whichpart to take. Can anyone help me? Anyone have a map or something? I guess not.

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  • Emo and booze don't mix??

    I say that's the best to have when you're all emo!

    And then you get uplifted all in a sudden....and there goes all ur emo~!

    By Anonymous Bokky, at 4:06 PM  

  • you're a moron la, but then it's your life.


    By Blogger kensei, at 9:34 PM  

  • hmm if u don't try u never know? As in going after HER la.. don't be like julian.. sick go drinkla, smokela, eat heaty stuff la...

    By Blogger cyber-red, at 9:01 PM  

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