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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I'm bored...

Got back from Kangar on Monday evening, I swear that was the furthest I've travelled in a car all my life, to and fro KL - Kangar - KL had a combination of over 24 hours. The race was the usual hoos and has, so nothing great, except maybe you consider soaking in the bloody rain 2 days in a row is great.

Realizing that the last race was the last race of the season before the finals wasn't really a cheery though, it literally means stuck in the office for the next few months and not to mention no more event allowance for the next few months.

Eversince I got back from Kangar, I felt extremely bored, like there isn't any interesting thing to do at all. This post should've been up 2 days ago, but I'm just too bored to blog. TV wasn't as interesting anymore, yam char with the guys are filled with bored silence, hell, even GTA: San Andreas wasn't interesting anymore. I think I know what I need, a new game. Yeah, Dungeon Siege 2; the one I've been planning to play for sometime, but haven't got there yet.

And I think to do something interesting soon. Vacation; no time, no money, hold on to this first, clubbing; this I can do anytime, if I can find someone to go with me that is, drinking; yeah, this is definitely not a problem, but again, if I can find anyone to go with me that is. Joe is a fucking emo when it comes to beer, and David; being an Irish, doesn't drink beer. Maybe we should go Finnigan's, he should feel right at home there.

Here's an example how bored I am, as most of you know, I don't really enjoy online flash games at all, not even Yahoo! Games. But for the last few days, I've been indulging myself in a simple, yet mind boggling puzzle game. I found it via Lainie's blog, the bloody game is so simple, it's frustrating to play; it takes only 10 clicks of the mouse to complete the game, but it depends on which icon you click first to start a different chain reaction. The game's called Grow Cube, I'm sure some of you might recognize the Grow game that was a fad sometime ago, the one with the big red ball and click on icons to make it 'grow', well, this is a cube. Check it out
here, I already found the combination to win the game, took me over 2 days though.

Had an overdose of fairy dust lately, no, not that fairy dust. But
Joyce aka KinkyBlueFairy, been reading her blog quite frequently these few days, mainly because most other blogs are just not as interesting lately, and her blog seems to be quite a fun read.

Had a sudden craving of coffee right now; Starbucks Mocha Frappucino. Might be going to Mid Valley later after work, wanted to get Dungeon Siege 2, and since I'm there, coffee too, and maybe a Hotwheels or two, or more...

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