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Thursday, September 15, 2005


Have you ever wondered how your future is going to look like? Have you dreamt of a perfect future? Fantasized a perfect life? Planned the perfect steps? I have a dream, or fantasy, depends on how you look at it.

I'm working in an advertising / event company, a managerial status, or maybe be my own boss. I'll be driving a tuner car, or a cool 4WD. My company is a very pleasant and open place, where everybody can share a good joke anytime and everybody treat each other more like friends rather than colleagues. My home would likely be an apartment, or a condo, and I'd prefer it to be a studio home. It's going to be minimally furnished and simple deco, mostly dark, relaxing colors and cool interiors. Of course, I'll dedicate a room for my books, and my Hotwheels collection, of which I've probably reached the thousand mark. Of course, the woman of the house will be there; maybe my co-habitating / stay here occasionally girlfriend; or my wife. I might get married early, who know? shit happens.

My fantasy basically revolves around two important factors of my life; career and family. Noticed I put career first? I believe that without career, there would be no family, I don't know any girl who would be with a job-less guy, those only happens on TV.

My career right now is like a humpty-dumpty on the fucking wall, he might fall down anytime. I'm still not confirmed in this company, and already I'm hating my job. I want to stay in the advertising / event management industry, I love this industry and is probably the only job I can do with passion, and not working for the sake of working. I'm likely to change my job soon, if I can find one that is. But one thing for sure is that I won't be going anywhere unless I secured another job first. Unless they fire me of course, or decided not to confirm me.

I'm too young to think about family right now, I don't even have a girlfriend damned it. But I do hope I'll find myself a decent girl soon, I've been single for too bloody long now. Somehow it struck me that every girl I like does like me to a certain degree, but refused to proceed into a more meaningful relationship. Did I do anything wrong to cause such reaction? I wish I knew...

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