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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Birth month

I got this in some forwarded email in my inbox just now and since I'm damned free now, I'll say something about it.

* Attractive personality (Am I? I think I am...)
* Affectionate (I agree with this)
* Shy and reserved (Yeah, not all the time, but mostly true)
* Secretive (Yeah, I have tons of deep, dark secret that only a bottle of Veritaserum can reveal)
* Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic (Naturally, but sadly, I'm polluted)
* Loves peace and serenity (Most of the time, but there are also times where I appreciate some noise)
* Sensitive to others (Am I? You tell me)
* Loves to serve others (You wish is my command mistress)
* Not easily angered (Now this is very NOT true)
* Trustworthy (If you think you can trust me, you're right)
* Appreciative and returns kindness (When I felt like it)
* Observant and assess others (Yeah, I like to 'observe' things)
* Revengeful (Do me wrong and you suffer)
* Loves to dream and fantasize (Very TRUE, refer to my previous post)
* Loves travelling (Yup)
* Loves attention (I'm an attention whore)
* Hasty decisions in choosing partners (Sadly, this is true)
* Loves home decors (As long as they're minimalist)
* Musically talented (I listen to music, yes)
* Loves special things (I do appreciate 'those special moments')
* Moody (Very true indeed)

Does this means that everyone born in the month of March all shares the same traits? This really do means that our lives are governed by the stars and our destiny are pre-determined even before we're born. Freaky...

P/S: Woah! This is the fifth post for the day, waiting for my boss to come back from meeting to go Kangar. Oh, and this is the 50th post in my blog. Whee!!

Before this, I was: checking my email
Currently listening to: Silence
Currently feeling: Bored, Lazy, Sleepy, Emo


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