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Monday, October 03, 2005

Me be professional bum...

i am now a professional bum, which is very different from a typical bum. A typical bum would hang around at home and do typical house chores and not making any profit. A professional bum hangs out at home, sleep, eat and play games on the PC. I'm talking nonsense...

Last week was absofuckinglutely boring, spend the entire day in the office doing nothing, surfing the net, reading blogs and chatting on MSN, of course there's lunchtime and the occasionally piss cum cigarette break. I go into the office at almost 11 and leave at 5.30 sharp, someone should make me example employee.

Probably the only thing that lifted my spirit, albeit a little, is the college reunion / gathering on Saturday. For the first time, the students from my batch and my senior were together in a gathering. Although only 7 of us from my batch, but it was fun, I think...

Nonetheless, after the duinner, me and the guys ended up in a cyber cafe in SS15 for our gaming session, when this thought struck me; "Damned, we be sad people or not?" Half the people who attended the gathering adjourned to other places, some went home and sleep, but most went either clubbing, bar-hopping, drinking, having fun and 'socializing'. I wouldn't say our gaming session wasn't fun, but that's all we did all the fucking time. I don't plan to waste my prime years spending every weekend in a fucking cyber cafe playing games like a geek we are.

What's the problem? Nelsen was a typical chinese boy who stays at home and watch TV on weekends, the irony is that he can't speak a word in Chinese. David is a erm... I don't know what to say. He just DON'T socialize with strangers, and don't drink beer. That left me with Joe, whom half the time is either missing in action, or working. I'm stuck in this sad sad world of mine. I think I needed a girlfriend, soon, really, before I turn into a gay geek. Ack!

Frankly, I didn't make a single attempt to look for a job now, yeah, I'm browsing the newspapers and searching the websites looking for job, but I didn't really send out any resume at all, matter of fact, i haven't even updated my resume.

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