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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hi-tech nuns

Another weekend went by leaving me behind anticipating the next weekend. At least next week would be alot more enjoyable, especially since there are only 2 working days the entire week next week. The past week was fast and furious for me, was in the office almost everyday and running around the place for the last two days.

This week, my locations for the roadshow is in 1-Utama, Subang Parade and a god-forsaken place called Pandan Kapital. 1-Utama was of course, the best place yet, especially with the other promoters from other products who happens to be hot chicks standing around, and of course, the hot chicks walking around in 1-U. Subang Parade on the other hand, is definitely a family place, the only people that comes are families looking for electrical appliances. Pandan Kapital is terrible, there are chicks alright, but most of them are la la muis coming into The Store to buy whatever crap they buy and hang out at the game arcade.

Talk about 1-Utama, the traffic there on Saturday night was terrible. The usual road leading into the new wing parking lot was closed and all cars are diveted into the Dataran BU open-air car park, and due to the confusion, the queue leading into the parking goes all the way to the traffic light in the middle of the old and new wing. Almost half an hour later, I quit queue and decided its not worth going anyway.

On Thursday evening, there is a briefing / merchandising training session at the office of the product I was doing the roadshow on. Prior to the briefing, me and my boss was at Low Yat Plaza's Starbucks interviewing a couple of new candidates as promoters for our roadshow. After the interview, my boss went opposite to the coffee shop to get something to eat and I decided to grab a coffee first before joining him opposite. I looked around the shop hoping to see some hot chick while the barista prepares my coffee (Mocha Frappucino rox!), but instead of a hot chick, I spotted a Buddhist nun, shaved head, grey robe and all, sitting at the corner with a cup of coffee at hand, laptop open in front of her and she's talking into a headphone. From her conversation into the headphone, I can tell that she's not local, maybe from China or Taiwan. Sort of gave me a shock, aren't buddhist nuns / priests supposed to be humble? Aren't they supposed to reside in temples? Aren't they vegetarian? (Coffee got milk, milk's not vegetarian right?)

Before this, I was: Emailing out my CV
Currently listening to: Innuendo - Belaian Jiwa
Currently feeling: Tired, sleepy, sick


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