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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

First day at work

Today (Monday) is the first day I'm working in an office environment for a long time, well, it wasn't really an office, more like my boss's house. Pretty much spend the entire morning scanning through newspapers spotting write-ups and articles of our clients. After lunch, did a short press release on the product of the roadshow during the weekend. It was pretty much my first time writing a press release, never really wrote any corporate writing before in my life. Went out to NST with a colleague for a short while, and spend almost an hour browsing through magazines at the newsstand spotting articles of our clients. Spend the rest of the evening in the office scanning the articles into the PC all the way until 9pm, so much for office-hour jobs eh?

I'm not sure if I'll be comfortable with this job if I were to be offered to be a permanent staff. All the browsing through newspapers and magazines might sound fun initially, but it'll pretty much bore the hell out of me sooner or later. The events are rather rare and far apart because they're more a PR consultant than an event agency, and my corporate writing skills wasn't really good at all. Probably the only visible advantage I can see in this company is the laidback and relaxing environment, of course there are work to be done, but at least the stress level are kept to the minimum.

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