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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Post-quitting symptoms

Since quitting smoking (My last cigarette was on Saturday, 1st October), I find myself more aggresive than ever, I'm always feeling restless, not the type of fidgetting like an addict, but more like restless because I'm bored all the time, always looking for something to do, something new, and my interest span is in an all time low, I'll lose interest in things very fast. I also find myself get angry and hot-headed very very easy, I almost slapped the kid crying in front of this morning when I was queue-ing up to pay for my lunch this afternoon, I shouted at other drivers in the jam out of Mid Valley just now, and I was all surly and angry when I got home.

I 've always been someone with a very sensitive temper and gets angry easily and I've got myself in a very serious shit when I lost my temper several years ago. I better try to control my temper as much as possible now, because when I lost my temper, well, let's just say a 100+ kilo fellow in a rampage wasn't a pretty sight... Furthermore, my work in Mid Valley now involves meeting alot of idiots almost all the time.

Almost two weeks and there's still no replies from any companies that I've applied for. I think it's about time to start worrying, been telling myself that they might reply me late because they need to sort out the applications first and will only call the ones they're interested in to be interviewed. Then again, I've only applied for a few jobs, but there's no related jobs advertised in the papers at all lately, and I refuse to change switch industry just yet.

Been jokingly telling my mom that I'll cut my long hair short once I get a job, not just any long hair mind you, I've been keeping my hair long for a few years already, and keeping it that long for a guy wasn't an easy job at all. It's like in certain stories where you wish for something and pledge to forgo something as a sacrifice for your wish to come true? This is what I'm doing now, I pledge my long hair to get a good job (That I enjoy) as soon as possible. Hell, if that job last for more than a year, me getting paid very well and I'm enjoying it, I'll shave my head! The Flyz has spoken!

A bald Fly... Hmm, now that WASN'T a pretty sight at all... OK, I'll just cut it very short then.

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  • job applications has a lot to do with physical and first appearences...good ones. So long hair doesn't help especiall int the industry you want to stay in. Perhaps you should change your strategy. Get a neat hair do and once you got the job, then you can keep the long hair again.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:38 AM  

  • Look at me, i stayed clear of funky hair colours and shit when i went for interviews.

    After confirmation my inner setan ah beng hair dyeing side emerged.


    But in the end had to chop it short cos boss don't like.


    By Blogger kensei, at 4:37 PM  

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