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Sunday, October 16, 2005

GTA fucked me

Once again, my life is fucked by the marvels of computer gaming technology, went to bed at 7 something Saturday morning because I was busy killing innocent pedestrians in an innocent hick county in San Andreas. I fell asleep in front of the TV and woke up at 4 something, and went online to check my email, I've planned to check my emails, and went to bed straight-after. But after going offline, my finger got itchy and clicked on the GTA icon, and I'm hooked until 7 something, and I realized it's 7 something only because I heard my parents alarm clock go off. I immediately saved the game, alt-F4 it, switch off the PC and dashed into bed and pretend I've been sleeping in it the whole night. Spend the rest of the day dozing off in front of the TV...

I've an interview in OUG this Monday, rather surprised when they called me at 10 something, asking me briefly on my experiences and sort of preparing me for what is to come for the interview. Well, the fact that the lady called me at 10 something and mentioning to me she's still in the office made me realized that this would be another all-day-all-night job. But then again, it might be fun, I don't know, let's see how the interview goes first.

I was at 1 Utama with my parents just now and bought myself 3 Hotwheels, it was a buy 2, free 1 promotion. I haven't bought any Hotwheels lately, so it's about time I expand my collection.

Before this, I was: Watching Ben's Bitches' Aku Suka Jolok MTV (Bloody funny!)
Currently listening to: Sammi Cheng & LMF - Love Is
Currently feeling: Tired, bored, restless


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