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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


The interview earlier today was rather nice, the people there are friendly blokes and funny too. The 'office' was in fact someone's house, the boss' I think, I didn't ask. the entire office has only 3 personworking there, and I already met all of them. It's a nice SOHO sorta place, they do all sort of events and PR works for all sort of companies from techs to pharmaceuticals to sporting goods. It does sound like a good enough job, but am I up to the challenge? All the working late, work on weekends bullshit is not a problem to me, even the events and promotions stuff they told me they do wasn't a problem to me at all, but the writing part might be a problem to me. All the press releases, the product write-ups and shit might turn out to be a problem to me, I can write, but to write a formal, corporate piece of article is probably out of my league since my english grammar and even sentence structuring wasn't really up to standard.

I'll be going there again this Thursday for a briefing for a job they offered as part-time. Doing supervisory job for their roadshows in some shopping center somewhere in Klang Valley; they didn't specify where, yet. I assumed it'll be like somehting I did for Oz during the Champ's roadshow, where I just have to be there during the roadshow to monitor the situation. I don't know how much they're paying me, but I doubt it'll be anything lower than what I'm getting in Mid Valley now. They did mentioned that this might be a proving ground for me for them to consider my application to be a permanent staff, I'm not really sure I really wanted the job, but I wouldn't mind another part-time job in the meantime, so even I've made up my mind to reject this job, I'll want to part-time for them.

XiaXue did another shit on her blog again today, only two days after she revamped her blog design. I don't really know how to explain the shit she did, it's something to do about handicapped people and handicapped toilet use, just read her blog to find out more. But one interesting part of the blog post would be, she'll be in the direct path of our very own Peter Tan, a prominent wheelchair-bound blogger in Malaysian blogosphere. Things will sure to get very interesting if Peter Tan decides to attack her the way Shaolin Tiger does, of which, we all hope he will.

...and I'm sick

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