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Monday, October 24, 2005

Weekend? What weekend?

Another weekend came and went without me realizing it, had been very busy with the roadshow this weekend? Been running to and fro between 1 Utama and Ikano Power Center for the last two days, almost a full tank of petrol gone just this two days alone, not really due to the travelling distance between Puchong and Damansara, but more petrol was lost in cruising in the parking lot looking for parking.

I never really walked around Ikano Power Center before, and this time is pretty much the first time I'm there, and the final verdict of that place is, it sucked. Most of the shops are catered for the upper tier of society, granted that it sits smack right in the middle of Mutiara damansara; one of the more upperty place in KL, but the stuff there are ridiculously expensive and pretty much have no appeal to me at all, maybe it's just me.

1 Utama is the first venue for the Chevorlet Corvette Z06 roadshow in Malaysia, and sure as hell, when there are hot cars, there are hot chicks. But sadly, the promoter girls for the Corvette is way below average, the only thing nice that I can safely say about ONE of them is that she got a very sweet voice, the others pretty much sucked.

Before this, I was: Looking up info for the Corvette Z06
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