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Friday, October 21, 2005

Disappointing day

Firstly, a moment of silent to respect the passing of the wife of our beloved prime minister; datin Seri Endon Mahmood.

the briefing for my supervisor job this weekend was rather smooth, except the looking for parking around OUG part lar, that was fuck. We'll be doing the promo for a certain brand of household electrical appliance. I'll be at 1 Utama, Ikano Power Center and Mid Valley for the weekend, so I'm expecting lotsa travelling to and from these venues. I'll be getting RM75 a day for this, slightly higher than Mid Valley, but still lower than comfortable. I'm a little disappointed that most of the promoters hired are guys though, makes sense that the product is an electrical appliance, but still, dissapointed. They also offered me to work part time in the office for a week next week, its sort oif a training / get-used-to-it program, will be getting RM50 for that, same as Mid Valley, but at least this is a normal office hour job, I think...

I was at Taylor's Halloween Party earlier tonight with the guys, supposedly organized by Mass Comm, but it was pretty much dominated by students from the other programs. Nonetheless, a good word to describe the entire party would be; suck. Granted that there are loads of hot chicks around in costumes, but the ambience is bad, the food sucks, and the performance is below average. The turn-up wasn't too bad though, there are a few witches, a barbarian, a few musketeers, a chinese vampire, two jedis (David included in this one), a extremely cute looking girl dressed up to look like Van Helsing, a dude that tried to look like Jesus but looks more like a rastafarian on a bad hair day, and a few more weird costumes, no fairies or angels though, I thought those were the favorites. The entire party was pretty much a disappointment on the whole.

Looks like the entire day was pretty much disappointing for me, everything turn up lower than my expectations, the promoters, the pay, the party.

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