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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Gohtong Jaya: I wuz there!

I was driving myself home after packing up the roadshow in Batu Cave's Giant today, going there was pretty easy, take the LDP all the way straight, but going back was rather confusing, especially with all the constructions going there at the moment, hence I got lost. The signboards were pretty much as useless as any other signboards in KL, but nonetheless, I just follow the direction to Kuala Lumpur, at least I know my way around KL city. So I just drive around on the highway following the direction to Kuala Lumpur, did I mention I don't even know which highway / expressway I'm on? So I just pretty much blindly driving along, noticing signboards to know where I'm heading.

The next thing I know, a signboard says Plaza Tol: 500m. Shit! I'm already on the highway, I can't possibly make a U-turn can I? But when I reached the toll booth, it says RM4 for cars and I instantly recognized which tollbooth that is and where it's headed; Genting. I also know that the nearest interchange to turn off the highway and make a U-turn is Genting itself, or another 20km further to Bentong.

So about half-an-hour, 1/5 tank petrol and RM4 later, I'm in Gohtong Jaya. Spend less than 5 minutes there, made a U-turn and straight back down to KL city. My first time driving to Gohtong Jaya, in the night, and raining slightly, it's a miracle I'm still alive, pretty much drove all the way up with the auto gear at 2nd and low. Yeah, that's my adventure getting lost and drove all the way to Gohtong Jaya.... Nevermind

Zouk Abuse Real? Hoax? Publicity stunt? See for yourselves...

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

IC renewal and Gangster

I finally managed to drag my lazy ass up at 6.30 in the morning to renew my IC today. I've been procastinating that idea for the last few months, I actually decided to do it during the Puasa month, thinking that there would be a shorter queue, but I was sort of busy at that time and conveniently forgotten about it. I decided to go today because I know if I drag it any longer, it'll be December and I'll have to pay to renew it, and me being a stingy Chinese me, I rather lose sleep than pay for anything.

So I dragged my ass up at 6.30am, with less than 3 hours of sleep, I'm literally walking in my sleep into the bathroom and only woke up when the water hit me. Got dressed in shirt and slacks and tie, and off I go to the JPN in Puchong Utama. It's not even 7.30 and already there's a queue from the frontdoor to 5 shoplot away. Because I was zombie-ing when I woke up, I forgot to bring a book, or even a newspaper to read while waiting, luckily I got my new phone and spend the next half an hour playing chess with my phone, which I lost... a few times. Luckily, when the center opens at 8, everybody streams into the center and got their number, mine is number 1070, which is estimated to be about 11am. So I just drag my ass away from the center, grab a roti canai, go home and bum until 10 something and away I go, again.

I never really like to wear my slacks, and thinking that they only need the photo of my head, I decided to wear jeans instead. Little that I know, what I decided to wear to JPN is probably the most radical fashion statement I ever wore, which I only realized later. There I was, in my baggy Sean John jeans, wallet chain and all my wrist accesories, Osiris sneakers, long-sleeved shirt, buttoned to the neck, untucked AND tie with a proper tie-clip... oh, and properly combed and gelled hair. It's pretty much yuppie proper executive look in the upper body and hip-hop bum from the waist down, oh, and I was holding my coat too. I doubt I'll ever this radical anytime in the future, but then again, I think it sorta looked cool, I think.

Spend the rest of the day sleeping like a dead dog, which explains why I'm still wide-awake and not feeling sleepy at all at 4am.

I was channel surfing on Astro awhile ago, and somehow landed on channel 4; Astro Ria. Its showing some Hari Raya movie special, and today's happened to be Gangster. I looked abit like a Fast & Furious rip-off, complete with a Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX and Proton Satria. I didn't really understand the movie because I stumbled into it midway. But somehow it sort of tried to tie three different completely irrelevent plot into one. There's this rich kid with the Evo, but can't really drive who have to steal money from his parents to modify his car to race against some dude in the WRX. A guy that tries to rescue a chick who works as a drug dealer for the 'bad guy'; who wears leather and sports blonde hair and beard. The last plot is about a man who owes somebody alot of money and tries to escape but ended up his wife and daughter got kidnapped and he is forced to steal to repay his debt.

Somehow in the last few minutes of the movie, all the plot hit each other, literally. The Evo and WRX crashed into the guy who tries to rescue the chick in an old beat-up Volkswagon Beatle and the debt-ridden guy stole the bag of the girl the guy's trying to rescue. The movie ended up with both the Evo and WRX guy dead, the bad guy got shot by somebody, both the guy and the girl he's trying to rescue survived, but no idea what happened to them after that and the debt-ridden guy got arrested. Confused? So am I.

Nonetheless, the movie is really rather interesting; lotsa action sequence, lotsa angry words that would likely be replaced with extremely insulting phrases in real life, nicely chroreographed car chase sequence and some hot chicks too. However, the movie would do better with less pretentious dialogs and better acting. I'd say the movie as a whole is good, but if the actors are singled out, most of them can do alot better.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Bouncy, bouncy...

Recently I've been rather preoccupied with this bouncing ball of mine, yeah. No, i's not what you think it is. You see, I've got this li'l bouncy squash-ball sorta rubber ball that I got as a free gift when I bought my Kingston RAM from last year's PC fair. It's been sitting on my table collecting dust all the while, wasn't really interested in 'playing' with it. But a few days ago, as I was sitting at my desk reading, I idle hand grabbed it and started to bounce it up and down, and I'm stick to doing that ever since. I'm bouncing the ball while watching TV, reading and alternating-between-typing-and-bouncing while on the PC, I even attempted to bounce it while eating, until my mom threatens to feed me that ball.

Today is officially the first day I started using the Nokia 6610i that I 'purchased' from David, I won't go into details how he got his hand onto the phone, but he sold it to me. This is the first color screen-phone I got and the first camera-phone I got, the first MMS-phone I got and I've no idea how to use it. Been fiddling with the settings the entire day in the shop and I still don't fully understand all the functions of the phone. All my previous phones are primarily used for SMS and phone calls only, none of those fancy MMS-wallpaper-customizable folders-fancy ringtones-camera whatnots functions. Fortunately I've been using a Nokia since my first phone, and I know the basic features of the phone, give me a Motorola or a Samsung, and I'll probably take a week just to learn the basic functions. Yeah, I'm a handphone noob.

I was with Nelsen for some C&C: Generals session just now, sort of training before we face David when he gets back. You see, David somehow always wins during a free-for-all session among us, I don't know why, but we all seem to always have some sort of advantage over our defensives. Nonetheless, me and Nelsen had some proper training for the last few days and is waiting for the day we kick David's ass.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005


You remember the times when being at home is actually fun?
Remember when you were kid and you wish you were at home?
Remember that time in the office when you wanted to go home so badly?

Come to think of it, home wasn't really fun at all... Then again, maybe its just me.

I'm at home the entire day today, woke up at almost 4pm, watch TV, sleep again, eat, watch more TV and go online. The weather outside is fucking hot, lazy to go anywhere.

...still bored

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Selamat Hari Raya

Kepada semua saudara and saudari muslimin dan musliman sekalian, saya disini ingin menambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf zahir dan batin

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Was out almost the entire day in KL today with the guys; David, Nelsen and Joe. Nelsen and Joe wanted to buy shoes from Sg. Wang, and since I'm the 'expert' in and around Sg. Wang, I'm dragged along as the tour guide, and driver. I don't really have anything in mind to buy actually, was thinking of maybe getting another gun into my collection, but that fella refused to sell me if I buy just one gun.

I ended up buying a T-Shirt from Echo Park in Times Square, and some games DVD. Saw a pair of Nike SB at Miz-29; the shop where I got my Osiris from and I'm instantly hooked onto the shoe, it cost RM 329, I think. Saw it again at Showroom Times Square, priced RM 369. I've decided that my next target purchase would be a brown Nike SB. Whee!

We're at Low Yatt Plaza for a short while because David wanted to buy some gadget. While hanging, we saw a sight that blew us away, almost literally. There's this one erm... girl whom is rather chubby, even for my standard, wearing a sexy, red bare-back piece and a black super mini-tight skirt that would look extremely 'enticing' on a better looking female specimen, but definitely not this girl. I shuddered thinking of her right now and I would rather not talk about her in here to save myself from puking in front of the PC, let's just all imagine how a pig woukd look like in a red bare-back piece and a black super mini-tight skirt... exactly!

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