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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

IC renewal and Gangster

I finally managed to drag my lazy ass up at 6.30 in the morning to renew my IC today. I've been procastinating that idea for the last few months, I actually decided to do it during the Puasa month, thinking that there would be a shorter queue, but I was sort of busy at that time and conveniently forgotten about it. I decided to go today because I know if I drag it any longer, it'll be December and I'll have to pay to renew it, and me being a stingy Chinese me, I rather lose sleep than pay for anything.

So I dragged my ass up at 6.30am, with less than 3 hours of sleep, I'm literally walking in my sleep into the bathroom and only woke up when the water hit me. Got dressed in shirt and slacks and tie, and off I go to the JPN in Puchong Utama. It's not even 7.30 and already there's a queue from the frontdoor to 5 shoplot away. Because I was zombie-ing when I woke up, I forgot to bring a book, or even a newspaper to read while waiting, luckily I got my new phone and spend the next half an hour playing chess with my phone, which I lost... a few times. Luckily, when the center opens at 8, everybody streams into the center and got their number, mine is number 1070, which is estimated to be about 11am. So I just drag my ass away from the center, grab a roti canai, go home and bum until 10 something and away I go, again.

I never really like to wear my slacks, and thinking that they only need the photo of my head, I decided to wear jeans instead. Little that I know, what I decided to wear to JPN is probably the most radical fashion statement I ever wore, which I only realized later. There I was, in my baggy Sean John jeans, wallet chain and all my wrist accesories, Osiris sneakers, long-sleeved shirt, buttoned to the neck, untucked AND tie with a proper tie-clip... oh, and properly combed and gelled hair. It's pretty much yuppie proper executive look in the upper body and hip-hop bum from the waist down, oh, and I was holding my coat too. I doubt I'll ever this radical anytime in the future, but then again, I think it sorta looked cool, I think.

Spend the rest of the day sleeping like a dead dog, which explains why I'm still wide-awake and not feeling sleepy at all at 4am.

I was channel surfing on Astro awhile ago, and somehow landed on channel 4; Astro Ria. Its showing some Hari Raya movie special, and today's happened to be Gangster. I looked abit like a Fast & Furious rip-off, complete with a Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX and Proton Satria. I didn't really understand the movie because I stumbled into it midway. But somehow it sort of tried to tie three different completely irrelevent plot into one. There's this rich kid with the Evo, but can't really drive who have to steal money from his parents to modify his car to race against some dude in the WRX. A guy that tries to rescue a chick who works as a drug dealer for the 'bad guy'; who wears leather and sports blonde hair and beard. The last plot is about a man who owes somebody alot of money and tries to escape but ended up his wife and daughter got kidnapped and he is forced to steal to repay his debt.

Somehow in the last few minutes of the movie, all the plot hit each other, literally. The Evo and WRX crashed into the guy who tries to rescue the chick in an old beat-up Volkswagon Beatle and the debt-ridden guy stole the bag of the girl the guy's trying to rescue. The movie ended up with both the Evo and WRX guy dead, the bad guy got shot by somebody, both the guy and the girl he's trying to rescue survived, but no idea what happened to them after that and the debt-ridden guy got arrested. Confused? So am I.

Nonetheless, the movie is really rather interesting; lotsa action sequence, lotsa angry words that would likely be replaced with extremely insulting phrases in real life, nicely chroreographed car chase sequence and some hot chicks too. However, the movie would do better with less pretentious dialogs and better acting. I'd say the movie as a whole is good, but if the actors are singled out, most of them can do alot better.

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