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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Happy Birthday to ME!

Oh shit!
It's that day of the year again, it's my birthday!! Yup, 20th of March every damned year is my birthday.
Why am I so damned unhappy about my own birthday? Why? You should be unhappy too, would you be happy to know you're another damned year older? I certainly am not...
Maybe when I was a kid, I love birthdays, you're one year older towards your teens, which is 'supposed' to be the best years of your life. But i'm growing OUT of teenage and is actually growing OLD! Hell, of course I'm unhappy!
Anyway... unhappiness aside and concentrate abit on the happy side ler. The first person that SMS me to wish me happy birthday was Bokkie (Thanks girl...) Approximately 8 minutes after midnight. Followed by Yan Yan (Agnes), erm... almost 2 hours later. Thirdly, surprises... my boss, followed by Chia Wei and follwoed from some of my colleagues from Mid Valley.
Hmm... presents? His Evil-highness gave me a book called 'You know you're a workaholic when...' knowingly that I'm UNEMPLOYED!! Evil! Got 50 bucks from me dad. Er... CD from Azmyl, can't consider this a present ler... but what the hell! It's free...
What's my birthday wishes?
Come to think of it... I didn't really made up my mind yet. A job? More money? Girlfriend(s?)? World peace?
A job, not really... More money? Who doesn't? Doh! Girlfriend(s?)? Well, this is my 23rd year spending my birthday alone, yeah... why not? World peace? I say we nuke 'em all!!
I'm not sure about birthday wishes, I've lost count of the things I wished for, and I lost count of the things I never had... I think birthday wishes are just somrthing you do to comnfort yourselves, when's the last time you heard someone's birthday wishes coming true? Maybe it will come true 10 years later, but what the heck?!
Oh hell! Happy Birthday to me!!

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Internet war/bitch?

Don't you think that the internet is an extremely interesting thing?

The amount of information and er... 'mis-information' that you can dig out by a few clicks of the mouse. There are so many things you can ahem... find from the internet, from educational information and latest news to 'How to make a Molotov Cocktail' to ahem... 'stimulating' er... datas :-)

Did I mention starting a war? Most recently, an 'internet war' just started in SIngapore, which involves slandering, accusation and downright verbal attack between two parties. Click on the link on my side bar for XIaxue to know what I mean. Yes, that girl that I linked to in my fashion post.

Why do I always link my post to her? Don't ask...

The latest piece of her post is most interesting indeed, something about cab-snatching and being called fat. I'm lazy to detail her post, just read it yourself... The point of my post today is not about cab-snatcher nor being called fat, in which I'm immuned to already...

The point is about internet security, Xia Xue managed Sherlock her way around the internet to find her accuser's personal data, boyfriend's data and even managed to get her hands on pictures of the accuser and her boyfriend.

Does what she did right or wrong? (Don't know what I'm saying? Read her damned blog!!) I understand that if you post your information anywhere in the internet, be assured that strangers will see it. But gaining the information for slander and verbal attacks, is that right or wrong?

I'm not going to answer that question now, I'm just going to leave it hanging for you to
ponder upon...

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Guys: Ever wondered how girls can shop (SHOP, not buy) all day and ended up not buying anything?
Girls: Ever wondered how a guy can go one shop and blow a few hundred bucks and bought everything at one go?
I have no answer for that... Yeah! Now you go go on doing whatever you do and log off.
Referring to the blog of a rather well-known Singaporean blogger (Did I mentioned cute too? Xia Xue at Her latest post mentioned about her cleaning out her closet, and she mentioned she had a total of almost 400 pieces of clothes that comes with a grand total of almost 6,000 dollars!!
How the hell can someone spend so much money on clothes?
I probably have about a hundred odd pieces of clothing, but I still stick to that few pair of jeans and that few T-shirts, so probably the total amount of clothing that I actually wear all the time is er... less than 10 :-)
I'm a crazy shopper, almost girl-like, I can walk a million places and not buy a single thing. But at times, I can just walk into a single shop and blow hundreds. I can shop, I can walk a million miles looking for what I want. Shopping with me wasn't an easy feat, really... ask david.
It's rather easy to differenciate, really... You see, girls SHOP for things, and guys BUY things.
Here's some examples:
A girl wants a pair of jeans: Does this look good on me? Do my ass looked big in this? Is it making my ass sag? How did my ass looked in this? And then theres the different types, there's low cut, high cut, mid cut, uncut. Boot length, slipper length, sneaker length. Flared, un-flared, mid-flare, bottom-flare. Boot cut, straight cut, flare cut... and let's not go into the colors. They'll try a million pair of jeans that comes with a million different combination of styles and fashion before they settle with one, or ten...
Guy wants a pair of jeans: They make up their mind of what they want. "I want a pair of black jeans, preferably something baggy, maybe a little hip hop looking." Done... Any pair of jeans that comes near that choice is a OK
Happy shopping...

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Crap-ass white man

What makes you think you're more superior than me?
You might be white, got blonde hair, bigger than me, taller than me and smells worst than me, but what makes you think you're more superior than me?
Yes, I'm talking about some crap-ass white guy. Not you David...
As most of you are well aware that I'm working in a computer software shop in Mid Valley and the customers coming in to my shop comprises of all sorts of people... From crap-ass white man, dungu Indians, stingy chinese and Malays. Not to mention hot chicks too, hot chicks that can literally melt you on the spot. You know, those wearing really short skirt with real tight shirts and real sweet voice and real sweet smile and real eyes.

Hmm... (Stares dreamily to the ceiling)
Er... sorry, was carried away, back to the topic; crap-ass white man.
So today, theres a crap-ass white man came into my shop looking for a certain software from Bill's company with a name that has a striking resemblance to a household furniture.
Anyway, so he came in asking for it, and of course, we told him the price and what nots. His face changed straight from ass to crap-ass. "What?!What you mean it cost 10 Ringgit?" bellows crap-ass white man. And he starts giving out bloody lectures on how cheap it cost in another shopping mall in KL named after a chinese guy. And he stormed out of the shop mumbling something vulgar that I can't hear clearly, which in a way, a lucky thing because if I'd heard clearly what he said, I might threw the Big Mac I'm holding at the moment to his crap-ass white head.
Almost an hour later, he stormed back in, well, not stormed, but rather surprisingly civil and approach us asking for that exact software again, this time with his crap-ass white wife in tow. So again, we told him the price and he asked us (surprisingly again) politely if we can lower the price. OK, seeing that he is civilized now and is rather polite, we gave him a 20% discount and his wife paid for it. Done deal.
Yeah right!
Few hours later, nearing the time of closing. He stormed in again telling us the CD can't be used. Sure enough, we tried the CD and it worked perfectly well on our PC. He started fuming again and told us that his PC is a some brand new crap-ass brand that is imported from US. As far as I know, almost all PC is made locally now, and I'm quite sure the brand he told is 100% locally made.
Lastly, we ended up refunsing him his crap-ass RM 8 and again, he went away fuming.
Now, what lesson did we learned today?
Middle aged white man are crap-asses!
Thank you