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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A dashed dream


Yeah, it's merdeka day today, the day we celebrate our independence. The day we celebrate...

It wasn't much a celebration for me yesterday(Merdeka eve), busy like mad in the office, went to dinner with family because it's my dad's birthday today, then went out with David for the rest of the night... doing grocery shopping. Ack!

I've a grand plan brewing in my head during the day; after dinner with family, will go out with David to hang out somewhere, then meet up with her after she's done with her event in KLCC. You see, her company organized a concert together with Petronas in conjunction with the Merdeka countdown in KLCC, and as a PR Executive, she'll have to be there. I can't really ask her to join us during her event can I? So I plan to call her once her event is done and ask her to join us, or I can go meet her somewhere to have a drink and some chit-chat.


I can't manage to contact her at 11 something, something's wrong with the network, probably its too busy. When i managed to contact her, she didn't pick up the phone. And when she did pick up her phone, she's busy and will call me back. And when she called me back, she's going to a friend's place somewhere to have a drink, thus dashing my plans and dreams to meet up with her tonight.

I'm really trying to start this relationship slowly, but I just can't seem to control my impulse to call her or SMS her all the time. I don't want to call or SMS her all the time, I don't want to be impulsive, I want it to be patient and grow slowly. But I can't...

We're meeting up tomorrow at Yee May's place to have a lunch get-together, she's coming too. BUT, she'll have to leave early to help a friend move house, thus dashing my plans AGAIN. I planned to ask her out tomorrow after the get-together, but once again, it all went down the drain.


Malaysia Boleh!

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*Edit - I just SMS her again 30 seconds ago... Fuck!

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Sure... Uh huh

Damned I'm bored, I've got loads of stuff to do in the office now, but I'm just too damned bored to do anything now, just waiting for the time to past 6 and I'll fuck off. Going to catch a movie with David and Nelsen tonight, don't know what to watch yet, maybe Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wanted to watch Gol & Gincu, heard from alot of people saying its good, wanna check it out, but I doubt Nelsen would wanna watch this type of movie, he hates it. Hmm, maybe I'll ask her to watch with me... *smile*

Been reading some some blogs just now, came across a few good ones, and a few that I felt like reaching into the monitor and slap them.
  1. Ive been reading Joyce The Fairy for quite some time already, I think she is funny, I like the way she writes spontaneously.
  2. I found Vernon when I'm searching for information about the Proton Satria R3 Limited Edition, apparently he owns one. He's a designer that races cars as a hobby.
  3. Erm... Suanie, I forgot how or when I stumbled into her blog, but I found her blog to be very funny and an interesting read no doubt.
  4. Finicky Feline, this is the blogger that I felt like reacing across the monitor to slap her. I mean, she's a bloody Malaysian and is pretending to be Singlander, what a bitch. I still read her though.

Oh look at the time, I'm going home now. Planning a short nap before going out to meet the guys later.

I think I'll just scrap the joke of the day, it's not funny...

*EDIT: The real time is alot faster than the blog time by the way, as I'm typing this, its already 6.02pm

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm a survivor!

I'm back from Taiping!

My races are as whacked as usual; set-up tents, put up promos, monitor race, take down promo, take down tents... The usual shit

Only that this round was slightly worst than the others, it rained like mad there. Luckily it wasn't pouring rain all the time, but it drizzled non stop, and work goes on as usual even in the rain, so we're basically soaked to the bones taking down the tents on Sunday night. As if the situation can't get worst, The Ford Ranger Hurricane that we went in, had some problem with the air cond when we're about to leave Monday morning. We decided to check what happened, expecting just that it ran out of gas and only needed a refill. But the fella told us the radiator is leaking and we need to replace it as soon as possible. Great! 4 hours spend sitting around doing nothing waiting for the fella to replace the damned radiator.

OK, there's that about the shit part of the race.

The grid girls for this race was rather good looking, I heard they're all from Penang this time, almost all of them chinese. As usual, I never knew their name, nor their contact or anything else. Damned... Anyway, I'll post up their pictures once its available.

Oh, I called her when I'm in Taiping. What a great feeling! In the midst of the fucking rain, Mat Rempits zooming away at the track, I'm standing behind our operations truck to block the bikes noise and talking to her. I'm happy :-)

What's next?
Still stucked in the damned office doing the same shit all over again. Got a race on the 4th of September in Sepang, The FIM ARRC, which means I'll have to leave for Sepang latest by Thursday, although somehting makes me think I'll have to be working on Merdeka day. Now that'll be big shit!

No joke of the day in this post, I'm posting from home, so no joke book at hand.

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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Another untitled ramblings...

Just to mention, I'm going Taiping today, in a matter of hours.

Yet another of the bloody races I have to attend, This would be my 7th race I've attended since joining this company, and it's all the same... Seriously, same shit, different place. Literally.

Oh, was out with David and Nelsen yesterday, went to watch Fantastic 4. Jessica Alba's hot! Especially when they make her strip (Yes, STRIP) because her invisiblity does not include her clothes, but she somehow become visible halfway with just her underwear on. What a coincidence, can't she become visible just a few seconds later? Then her bra would be off already, stupid!

Anyway, after the movie we went to yamchar in some mamak near Nelsen's place. He told us his encounter with some chick in Sg. Petani, sad story...

But that's not the point, the point is when he mentioned the reactions of his colleagues that went with him. I have to say, those are the type of colleagues I would be happy working together with, can talk cock, can joke, can share a few fun moments with. Not the uptight, strict, elitist, golf-playing family man type of people in my company. I think the word here would be generation-gap, almost all of them here passed 30 and I'm the youngest around, but definitely not the smallest mind you. The way of communication here are so bloody different, everybody's so bloody polite and adults they are, they're disciplined. Boring!

The best place I worked is still People 'n Rich. I'd like to say the CD shop, but that's not really work is it? The guys are P'nR are damned sporting, everybody's a snake king in their own ways, and they are not afraid to admit it. Lunchtime there is 1 hour, and we are definitely out there for at least 1 hour, if not more. Everybody don't felt like going back to office after lunch, no matter how rush the works at hand are, and being the creative department, everything's a rush.

Here? Lunchtime's also 1 hour alright, but most of the time we're back in less than 45 minutes, if not less. Everybody's a damned workaholic and can't wait to go back to office and work. Bah!

Confession... I AM missing someone now. I won't tell you who, not yet, but I can only say I'm missing someone now and is longing for her voice. Sigh...

Oh, I'll be starting a joke of the day from today on, IF I blog from office that is, just found an old copy of a Mad Magazine's a-joke-a-day-for-a-year. So I'll be quoting some jokes from there now and then.

Joke of the day

Which is more satisfying?
Not getting caught by police speed trap becasue you slowed down in time?
Not getting caught by police speed trap because that idiot Ah Beng in his Ah Beng Wira got caught first?
(Localized version)

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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Most of you guys would probably already knew that the bloody haze is back to Malaysia again, yes again... for the last 8 years. And just like the last eight years, its caused by the Indonesians, and of course, contributed by irresponsible malaysians as well.

It just kinda makes you wonder why isn't there anything done since its nothing new anymore? I mean, I'll understand if there's nothing we can do the first time, or even the first few years it hit us, but eight? Come on, eight years is pretty much long enough to do any research to come up with a proper solution isn't it?

Probably the only 'action' taken this year is the releasing of the Air Polution Index (API) that has always been kept secret for the past several years, other than that, nothing else.

What's the government doing about it? Set up special commitee to discuss the issue

What's Department of Environment doing about it? Set up special commitee to discuss the issue

What's the media doing about it? This I know... NOTHING!

Set up special commitee to discuss the issue, it's probably the same thing every time something happens in Malaysia. Landslides due to extensive hillside developement? Set up commitee to discuss and monitor. Flashflood in KL? Set up commitee to discuss and monitor. I mean, what the fuck?

What are the practical actions taken to tackle these issues? Other than sitting in some posh conference room in Putrajaya, breathing crispy clean ionized air conditioned air, downing gallons of 'teh tarik' and tons of 'karipap' while 'commoners' like you and me are choking our lungs in the haze.

There are a few conventional actions that can be taken, and is actually taken in the previous years to tackle the haze, one of the most efficient I think, cloud seeding. 'Seeding' (Don't ask me how) the cloud to create man-made rain in densely hazed areas. But surprisingly, there are no reports of cloud seeding being done anywhere, even places like Klang and Kuala Selangor, which reached the API of 500, which is critical level.

And of course there are the unconventional ways, which I supports 100%

I think it's about time we get back at Indonesia for what they're doing to us for the past several years, not as extreme as proposed by Mr. Rajan, but soemthing along the legal area maybe? Isn't there soemthing written in the international law the prohibits one country to pollute another?

Fuck it, let's all hope that a 'real' rain will come soon to wash away the haze, or some strong wind to blow it away (Singapore preferably)

Monday, August 08, 2005

Charity Scam (An insider's report)

The Star Malaysia ran a report yesterday about various organizations preying on the public goodwill by making money under the cover of charity. It is reported that these various organizations sells bookmarks, hand-fans and pens for RM 1, RM5 and RM 10 respectively, the salesgirl / salesboy will of course, no doubt tell you that all proceeds of the sales goes to the whatever charity they're supposed to represent, HOWEVER, that's not the case, only a mere 10% (Which is only 10 cents from RM 1 for the mathematicaly challenged ones) goes to the said charity. The rest is divided among the salesperson, their boss and the company that manufactures the products. Among the few companies 'revealed' by The Star are; Montrans Connections Sdn Bhd, Sharity Greetings (M) Sdn Bhd, Asian Support Direct (M) Sdn Bhd, Appco Sdn Bhd, Granton Sdn Bhd and Cobra Group.

How does it all work?

Here's an insider's report.

I used to work with a direct sales company in Old Klang Road called WWI, I forgot what it stands for; Worldwide something something, right after form 5, before college starts. Did I mention that that company was registered under Cobra Group too? Not directly, but its registered under Granton Sdn Bhd, which is registered under Cobra, so there you go. Anyway. it advertised for advertising executives and stated no experienced required and the silly and naive me went for an interview, and surprisingly, accepted on the spot. Sounds great in the beginning from the way they say it. So the next week, there I am going into the office early in the morning, eager to start my first job. They introduced me to my supervisor, which I'm still in contact with, not sure if he's still in the business though; Lee (His real surname). OK, so this Lee fellow told me some details about what to do, what they do and other shits like that. I'm supposed to follow him around that day, see the way how they work and stuff like that, which involved going somewhere with some merchandise and sell to someone.

OK, let's not dwelve into my experience in the company anymore and let me tell you what they do.

Firstly, I'll like to mention that I'm not selling charity, but merchandises like keychains and stuff, which is different from what The Star reported, but my company is also registered under Cobra Group and the entire damned organization works the same way.

All the workers in the group are supposed to wear formally, slacks and shirts, ties and all. Everey morning starts damend early at abt 6 something because we all have to be in a large room and do some motivation shit like chanting demonic motivational shit to 'supposedly' lift our spirits, but in fact everybody is yawning away and is brain-asleep.

Next, we'll have to queue up at the storeroom to receive our consignment of that day's product, which changes bi-weekly. We'll all then file out of the company like loyal monkeys and 'work'. Work here means we'll have to approach strangers and go "Good morning sir, may I interest you in this super-kazooper-useless-something you'll never need-thingie?" or "Good morning miss, you look hot can I fuck you? Erm... I mean, buy this useless product we're selling?"

The usual price per item is RM10, and we received 30% of it, whatever expenses used during your sales trip is 100% borned by yourself; taxi, food, drinks, whatever shit, which leaves you earning an average of RM30 a day, if you're hardworking enough and is able to at least sell 20 items of whatever you're selling. If you think 20 items can't be that hard, ask yourself this "Who the hell would wanna buy a inferior stationary set for RM10 when they can buy several dozens of quality pencils for the same price?" Some items, however are hot cakes, like keychains, notepads and at one time, personal alarms, and yes, greeting cards, which I sold once during Chinese New Year period, which also stated are meant for charity, so yes, I'm guilty. But I didn't do it on my free will, GTA made me do it.

I also understands that my immediate supervisor receives 50% of what I earned, the boss of the company earns 50% of what I earned and 100% of what I earned goes to the organization. So that means if I sold 1 item that cost RM10, I get RM 3, my supervisor gets RM1.50, my boss gets RM 1.50, the company gets RM 3 and RM1 goes to whatever charity we're supposed to represent. Scam I tell you, scam...

So there you go, an insider's report of what happened in a direct sales company in Malaysia. I think it's the same for other countries as well because I know a person from Taiwan who did the same shit and is actually a representative of the Taiwan branch of my company coming down for our annual dinner. So does a friend of mine from US who told me he did the same shit before.

So the next time you're at a mamak and a fellow come trying to sell you something, if its nice and good, buy it, they're just victims of a scamming company. But if its useless, and they're persistent as hell, which we are trained to be by the company, just ask them to go to hell, tell them Flyz told you do say so.

Articles from The Star can be found

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Life is fragile

I received a call early this (yesterday) morning from David, telling me that the mother of a close friend had just passed away. I'm never really closed with this friend, although I do confess that I had a crush on her sometimes before, but that's another story.

Yesterday night, we went to pay our respect to this friends mother in PJ. I wouldn't pretend to understand her feelings, but I think I know how she felt for I had lost my grandmother last year. I think I shall reveal anything about the funeral, nor mention anything about this friend of mine.

Let's talk about death...

Yeah, it wasn't a very good topic to talk about isn't it? especially not now in the midst of the thick haze in the middle of the night. But we all know that death was inevitable, it will come soooner or later for everybody. I lost my grandmother early last year, and an uncle later the same year. I was devastated and broke down completely when I found out that my grandmother passed away. I was never close to my grand mother from my fathers side of the family as she passed when I'm very young, so young that i never really understand the notion of death yet.

I'm very close to my grandmother from my mother's side of the family, I still remember me spending months at a time when I was in primary school when school holidays were once a year for a few months. from what I heard from my mother, she's the second person to hold me when I'm born, even before my father had a change to hold me. Its been over a year now since her death, but when times that I'm alone and had time to think of the past, I can still remember her clearly, and I do cry when I think of her.

Life is fragile, diseases and sickness plagued our lives constantly, there are simply too many chemicals and harmful materials involved in our daily life that its almost impossible for us to avoid them.

If there is one sickness that I wished never existed, its cancer, AIDS was a different story, if you live a healthy and clean lifestyle, its almost impossible to contract AIDS. But cancern is a killer that is almost impossible to avoid, everybody is at risk of one type or another. To date, I already attended the funeral of 2 victims of cancer, one of them being the mother of my friend which I went last night and an aunt that is battling cancer at the moment.

I don't think I can think of anything to talk about anymore now, Its too late, and I'm too tired, My eyes are wet when I though of my grandmother and I think everything I written in the past few paragraphs are slightly incoherent and uncoordinated.

I shall stop now...

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Saturday, August 06, 2005


That's it, another night gone st\itting in front of the PC tinkling with the blog. It looked rather satisfying to me, but there would definitely be more changes.

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Friday, August 05, 2005


Been tinkling with the blog for the entire night, a few successful changes, countless blunders and mistakes. The name of the blog is yet to be confirmed, I might stick to this one, I might not, I don't know. For the moment, this will do...

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Digi is full of crap

Mots of us Malaysians probably already knew that Digi is having it's 10th anniversary now and giving out mega promotions to celebrate it. Yeah, why not? If you've survived in such a competitive industry for 10 bloody years, its definitely a good reason to celebrate. Let's see what sort of 'stuff' they're doing for celebration:

1. Free RM30 talktime for NEW prepaid subscribers
2. Free supplementary line for NEW postpaid subscribers
3. Free family line if you subscribe for the NEW business plan
4. Only RM0.48 for IDD calls
5. Free downloads of wallpapers, tones and other stuff
6. RM0.10 for traffic information
7. Only RM0.10 per MMS
8. Bubbletalk promotion
9. SMS contest to win 10 months' salary
10. Radio contest on

Here's the crap part, first 3...
It a bloody promotion for NEW subscribers, what about people like me who's been using Digi for donkey years?! Now they have Beyond prepaid, Prepaid Plus and all the fancy names, my SIM card still simply says Digi Prepaid, that's when Digi was among the first to have a prepaid service. What do I get for being so loyal to the brand for so long?

Number 4
How many people do you know who still uses their handphone to make IDD calls? RM0.48? Why would anyone pay that amout when they can use a landline and call for like RM0.30?

Number 5 and 7
You think everyone is rich enough to own a MMS enabled phone ah? Most people only need the phone to make calls and SMS, we don't need stupid MMS, GPRS, PMS or whatever asses in our phone, it's a bloody phone, not a computer!

Number 6
Traffic information? Need any? Turn on the radio and get it for FREE! Want something on the spot, call Red 104.9 for FREE!

Number 8
Bubbletalk? Huh? What the fuck?

Number 9
Yeah, I tried this, wasted money to win a CHANCE, not to win the contest, just a bloody chance to win the contest. Excellent!

Number 10
Radio contest, bullshit-lah! I have perfect ideas how radio contests works, and believe me, don't even bother to try.

The reason I actually stick to Digi is because like I said, I've used this number for donkey years, and changing numbers and telling everyone is sheer stupidity. But don't you think that Digi should at least do something to appreciate loyal users like me? I'll be content if they send us maybe say, RM10 talk time as a token of appreciation for brand loyalty, but no! They're only interested in fishing new customers. What a load of crap, 10th anniversary... Bah!

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Just a short post...

I was on MSN with Yin Yin awhile ago, chatting up some small talk and stuff. When she's about to go, she said taht we should catch up soon and mentioned that if I'm willing to pick her up from Klang and send her home tomorrow night, she's OK with it. But I don't understand the 'tomorrow night' part though, what's she playing at? Hmm...

Of course I said no problem and I'll call her when we should meet up.

Is it a date then? Hmm...

"now now dont jump to conclusions" - David

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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

New look...

I just changed the layout of my blog to a slightly more refreshing new look, other than the boring old one. You'll notice that some of the older posts are slightly jumbled up without spaces between paragraphs, that's because when I switched template, all previous formattings are gone, so just ignore it.

Will have more changes once I got home later, I think...

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Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Another untitled post, as always, I can't seem to think of a proper title for my posts, so untitled it is then...
Yesterday night was spend mostly in the car, cruising around KL, while my pet-sister; Agnes is sitting at the passenger seat crying. She just broke up with her boyfriend.
Here's how it goes, she called me at about 8 something yesterday night, sobbing into the phone, but not saying anything. She just refused to tell me what happened, I told her I'll go meet her at Sg. Long to talk about it. I kinda guessed what happened, probably she had an argument with the boyfriend or something like that, I never expected anything that serious.
I'll not go into the details of what happened to her, but just a vague idea of what happened for argument sake. It goes along the line of the boy liking another girl and decided that he liked THAT girl more than my pet-sister. Fine, boy like new girl, boy dumps old girl, good enough a reason and definitely valid enough, shits like that happens all the time. But the thing that ticks me off and the biggest reason she cried her hearts out yesterday was that he didn't properly explained to her what happened. He didn't meet up with her and tell her face-to-face about breaking-uplike a self-respecting gentleman would do. He just SMSed her telling her that he decided to break-up with her.
Would you believe it? That prick just SMSed her to tell her something like that... Fucker didn't even bother to call, much less meeting face-to-face. I've always hated that fucker anyway, probably the only ass among my pet-sisters string of admirers that dared to put down the phone on me. I felt like kicking his ass at that time, well, more a reason to do so now eh?
Nonetheless, is there even a proper way to break-up a relationship, I mean its not like something you do all the time, not even occasionally. As for me, I haven't a single clue of what to do, but I still think that whatever it is, it has got to be done in person, not just a fucking SMS.
I really don't know what to say to her when she told me what happened yesterday, other than lending a shoulder to cry on, I don't even know what to do. But she's a strong girl, I'm sure she'll pull it through soon enough. In the meantime, anyone felt like kicking some fucker's ass?
P/S: In case you're wondering what I meant by kicking ass, no... I'm not going to ask him to bend down for me to kick his ass. And I don't kill, I'll just do as David and break his legs. I mean, why killing him while you can make him suffer for a lifetime?
Me? A sadist? No, I'm just evil...

Monday, August 01, 2005

Meme... Schmeme 2

Wow! Joe tagged me for a meme! I'm so thrilled! Whee!


OK, due to the unwritten rule that one must answer memes once one is tagged or your genitals will fall off, I shall answer the meme

Vital Statistics

Name: Wan Yat Fei aka Fly aka Flyz aka Fatboy aka Pigga aka His Royal Fatness

Birthday: 20th March 1982

Gender: Male

Height: Erm... 180 something cm, I think

Relationship status: Sadly, hopelessly single

Starsign: The sign of the 2 whale (That's Pisces for the ignorant ones)

Chinese year of the: Dog

Ethnicity: Chinese

Hobbies: Reading, playing PC games, sleeping, eating... among other things

Pets: Pets are a waste of time

Family members: Mom, dad and an 18 years old sister (Don't get any funny ideas!)

Quote: "I'm hungry"


Drink: Hmm, hard to say... Vanilla coke I supposed

Alcohol: Erm... I don't drink much, but I can down a significant quantity

Cigarettes: Marlboro Lights

Food: Do I look picky to you?

Football team: I don't watch football, but if you must... Arsenal

Actor: Erm... Johnny Depp is cool

Actress: Emma Watson :-p

Movies: Hackers, Fast and Furious (1 & 2), Cruel Intentions, The Beach

Comic: Not a comic fan, but again, if you must... The Star's daily comics

Song: Hmm... hard to say. Faye Wong - Eyes on Me (FF8 Theme) among others...

Color: Any shade of blue (Yes, even gay-ass neon blue)

Are you...?

A career person: Hmm, I think I am... I think

A risk taker: Typical Chinese me... no

A sociable person: Not really, sometimes prefer to be alone

A family person: If this means you stick to your family, yes

A party animal: Sometimes, mostly not

A nymphomaniac: If I'm a chick, I might be...

A BDSM freak: Hell no!

A flirt: A wannabe...

Do you?

Like little furry animals: If I can shoot them, yes

Like scantily dressed members of the opposite sex: Very much so, yes (Hell yeah!)

Like to sit down with a good book: Yup, books relaxes me

Like playful, active children: Anything, as long as they're quiet

Like anyone in particular: Erm... yes, and no, I mean yes, no, no, er... yes


A funny experience: "Leong tiu mao" will always be a classic

A nightmare: I don't remember dreams... nor nightmares

Your dreams: I'll tell you once its confirmed

Fill in the sentence with the most imaginative thing you have in mind:

The aardvark... Stand in the middle of the road, stops a Proton Wira, forced open the door, dragged the driver out, told the driver "No hard feelings, but you're being jacked!" and drove off

OK, meme accomplished...

I can't tag anyone because no one reads my blog and the one who did are either already tagged, or don't own a blog. So be it then...