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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Event report: KL Sing Song Mini College Tour May 2006. Taylor's College

KL Sing Song has finally returned this year and kicked off with a mini college tour; starting at Taylor's College Subang Jaya campus. The tour will continue to other colleges, including hELP Institute and some other college I'm not sure which one. Co-organized by Troubadours Enterprise and Taylor's College Society of Performing Arts, the event is held at lecture theatre one and is scheduled for 19th May 2006 at 7.30pm.

This time around, Troubodours Enterprise lined up some of the most talented singer-songwriter in Malaysia; Izzy, Broken Scar and Ida Lisa. Troubadors trio; Tan Sei Hon, Azmyl Yunor and Jerome Kugan, as well as bands; Ferns and The Sofa Session.

The night's event is kick-started with a video presentation of last year's KL Sing Song at ICOM featuring influential Asian singer-songwriter. This year's KL Sing Song would be held at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) in Sentul at the 14 and 15 July 2006.

The first performer of the night is Izzy, who performed 4 songs; Fall, Pelangi, Closed Down and Hanya Kamu. Her song are more inclined to the slower side, but her guitar strumming and excellent voice (Despite her claiming she has sore throat) managed to captivate the crowd to hum along to her more catchy tunes like Pelangi.

The next performer is one part of the Troubadors Enterprise; Tan Sei Hon who only performed one song; Black & Blue on Brick Walls due to time constraint. Nonetheless, the catchy tune and vocal of the song managed to get the crowd tapping their feets (Especially when Tan is literally stomping his foot on stage).

One-man band, Kevin of Broken Scar is probably the most charismatic performer of the night, he managed to captivate the audience by inviting them to participate during the chorus and all around lifted the spirit of the acoustic crowd. Kevin performed 5 songs from his latest album; Midnight in St Kilda (Which I am now a proud owner of an autographed CD); Scratch, Venus in September, Happy Song, Hey You and Down

Ida Lisa 's songs are rather slow and soft, which lulled the entire crowd into a melancholic acoustic mode, but her powerful vocals managed to keeep them captivated to the small girl on stage. He performed 3 songs; Fatal Love, Plan (Plant?) and a malay song.

The next on the line-up is Azmyl Yunor, which also happens to be one of the main organizer of the night's event, and also a lecturer in Taylor's College. He is probably the most celebrated performer that night, probably due to the fact that almost half of the crowd are his students, including yours truly, an ex-student). He performed two malay songs, one from his current album Tenets EP called Makan Gaji and one from his upcoming album (It's always upcoming)called Anak Dara.

Ferns is supposed to perform now, but they're unavailable, so the next performer; Jerome KUgan will start first. He started witha cover of Rezs├┤ Seress' Gloomy Sunday, which is apparently banned by the BBC because it incites people to commit suicide. Its haunting melody and his voice really managed to capture the audience's attention. Butluckily no one commited suicide, yet, I think. He did 3 more songs, include 2 Dolls and 2 more English gons that I didn't catch the title (Private Dancer?).

Finally 4-man band (5 because they claim their drummer is absent); Ferns appeared on stage. A refreshing band of 2 guitars, 1 bass and the girl playing the I-don't-know-what-it's-called; an instrument with keys like a piano but is blown. Their songs are rather catchy in a melancholic acoustic way.

The last performer for the night; The Sofa Sessions appeared on stage to what's going to be the best performance of the night. They started the night with a Malay song; Sunat followed by a mixture of a few English as well as Malay songs; Nobody Else, Mengapa Marah? and Cry a Little. They did a cover of Can't Take My Eyes of You that brought the house down and got the entire audience clapping and singing along to it. They ended their performance with a malay song; Lagu Malas.
**Please refer to Troubadors Blog for latest news and upcoming gigs.



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