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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm still a salesman

Yeah, as I was saying...

This company is very similar to The Factory where I worked for a mere 2 weeks few months back, matter of fact, some of the products sold are almost identical. I'm still thinking of a good name to call this new places, but at the moment I'll just call it The Office. Not too bad a place, not crowded, not too sparse, about 16 of us in total, and most of the time half of them are not in the office.

I'm at the moment still based in the office, reading through product catalogues and brochures, helping out with office paper works, helping out around the office most of the time. I'm expected to develop an entire new list of clientele soon, a line of clients never before walked by the salesman in this office, I won't be mentioning what this line's going to be, but lets just say it sometimes involves chicks. So yeah...

The pay wasn't too bad, will be egtting RM1500 as basic pay, and there are other perks as well, like phone and petrol allowances, and of course there is the comission, I AM a salesman after all...

I'm currently up to my throat with jobs this few weeks, is working 6 days a week at The Office, worked at The Shop in Mid Valley on Sundays and at the same time, occasionally hustle for my event. It's literally 8 days a week, 25 hours a day for me now.

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