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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I'm available again... for the job market

So I'm looking for a job again, after a 3-weeks stint at The Factory. The Factory was probably the worst working condition I ever had, but this time, I didn't want to leave, I was asked to do so.

The first few weeks I was there was terrible, being stranded in an environment I have absolutely no familiarity with, nor interest in. But come the 3rd week, I was transferred to another department, and is assigned a task that is my passion; events. I paid my 100% attention and effort in creating a working proposal for an event in just 3 days, and I was given the big thank you on the 4th day.

I'm not very sure about the conditions nor the reasons of my termination. It mentioned non-performing on my thank you letter, but after I asked the managers of the various departments I was attached to in the first 2 weeks, most of them don't have any problems with me. I said most of them because I know there is one particular department where I was slacking the most and I think that might be the reason of it all. But don't my contributions in the other departments count for anything at all? How can my actions in a department that I know I would never join affect the attention and effort I given to the departments I know I might be placed in?

That's the problem working in a small chinaman company, you can do a thousand things that benefitted the company, but a small mistake is enough a reason for them to boot you out of the company. The other problem is that most chinaman companies don't bother to look at your paper qualifications at all, and at times, even your years of experience don't matter to them. They just want to see the results and the monies that comes into the company.

The Factory's boss is pretty much a chinaman, despite his inability to speak a single word in chinese. He's the type of boss who believe in punchcards, motivational talks and discipline. He'll go around the office and stop at random areas and starts to lecture the poor soul about the importance of planning, or instructing them the proper ways to mind-map their ideas. One thing he never really understand is the relationship between an employer and an employee. Nobody wants to hear a motivational talk when the deadline is just around the corner, nor want to learn the proper way to mind-map when work is stacked up to their brain. The boss thnks by going around the office and motivating them is a good way to build up a good relationship, not what he didn't know is that he's more an annoyance than anything else.

And what the fuck is this about ISO 900352375127537812? What the fuck does a fucking organization in Switzerland know about the workings of a factory in Malaysia? ISO requires certain things to be done with the -proper- way, and expects that everybody to obeys it. There is a situation where one of the factory worker in The Factory is caught hauling a load of trash to the trash area with a forklift and is lectured by the boss about proper ways to do it. Apparently the proper way is to carry the trash by hand and placed the bag gently into the trash area as not to damage any fragile content in the bag, and if too heavy, use a trolley. Gently as not to damage the fragile content in the bag? Who gives a flying fuck whether the trash are damaged? It won't be trash if it's not damaged is it? And to carry the trash by hand one by one? If there are 10 fucking bags, it means he'll need to repeat the task 10 fucking times right? Wouldn't it be so much easier if he can just fucking throw all 10 bags onto a pallet and forklift ALL of them to the trash area at one time? I think all ISO did was to stress the employees to do certain things the proper way, even sometimes the proper ways doesn't really mean the fastest nor the most efficient.

Nonetheless, I did learned alot at The Factory, the goods and the bads. Met alot of people I can take example from, heard alot of good advices about working, living and about life in general. Most I can really think into it and leard from, and of course there are the bad things of working that unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way.

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