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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Subang to KLIA - Pushing the limits

I drove all the way from Subang to KLIA in under 30 minutes!
"Big Deal!" You might say
"I can't do it in 15 minutes!" You might say

But did I mentioned that my petrol warning indication light was on all the way?

David was flying off back to Terengganu for Christmasearlier this evening, I'm not sure what time is the flight, but he's supposed to check-into the terminal by 7 something and I supposed to pick him up by 6. But due to the slight rain earlier, the traffic along LDP was in a massive jam and I only managed to get to david's place by 6.45.

When I left my house, there's still 1 notch from empty and I estimated that to be more than enough to go all the way to KLIA. But due to the constant go-stop in the jam, the petrol dwindled to slightly above the empty notch, due to the lack of time, I ignored the petrol level and drove all the way to KLIA, pushing the petrol level to the very limit.

After dropping off David, I re-filled at the Petronas on the way out from KLIA, the RM 50 fill-up didn't even reach the second notch, normally a RM 50 fill-up will have the meter touching the top notch. Pretty much tells me that the petrol tank is already used up to the minimum, probably will go 'poof' within the next few kilometres.

Anyone have any idea how far a Wira 1.5 Auto can go with a full tank? 'm not even quite sure how much a full tank really is, I've filled a RM 53 full tank, and at one time it touched RM 60 to be full, what's the actual capacity of the tank?

After dropping off David, I picked up Nick, Jerry and Philip to go see Nelsen in Gleneagles Intan Hospital, that fella is down for an operation on his knee for to a torn ligament, due to 'overuse' of the muscle. Stupid sport jock... Anyway, it took us ages to get there, almost 2 hours stuck in the car due to a bloody jam in along Jalan Pudu and Jalan Imbi, luckily Jalan Sultan Ismail is free and it took us less than 10 minutes to reach the hospital from there.

When we reach there, Angie and Fabian already reached, Komathi was supposed to be there with them too, but couldn't make it. We just hang out at his 'suite' for almost an hour and left for food, because Philip, Nick and me almost fainted from hunger. So all 6 of us packed into my car and went to Jalan Alor for food, since most of us are new-comer to that area, we ended up at a stupid stall that sells stupid, expensive and yuck food. Then again, I think everything there is stupid, expensive and yuck, maybe except the famous chicken wings, which I forgot where the stall is.

I agreed to send Angie home because I'm a very kind-hearted person that hates to leave a girl to take a cab home in the middle of the night all by herself. Really, I am... Anyway, Angie stayed in this bloody-far-god-forsaken place in Taman Cuepacs in Cheras, which wasn't actually really far in from the mainroad, but it definitely is god-forsaken lar, looks abit like Puchong when it's first developed, the whole place empty, no shops, no mamak, no traffic. After that, I send Fabian home because I'm a good person and hate to dump him in Subang. He stays in Kota Kemuning, somewhere near Sri Muda in Shah Alam, bloody far in another god-forsaken place. Stupid Indian... (Fabian: Portugese!)

Oh! I'm no longer unemployed! Went for an interview at a company in USJ today, does sealants and tapes (The sticky type). I applied for the post of management trainee and I got the job immediately, maybe they're really impressed by my good-natured personality and the gung-ho-hardworking look, or maybe because the boss who interviewed me already knew me because my dad is one of his client. Shit...

Nonetheless, at least I'm no longer unemployed come next year. I'm to start work at the 3rd of January, with a salary of RM 1*00. No extra allowances and benefits, means it'll be even lower than when I'm working at the previous company. But then again, beggars can't be choosers, at least I'm earning more than what I'm getting right now. I'm likely to continue this promotion job of mine, it'll only last until end of January anyway. I think I can still survive one month without weekends, at least I'll have more money for the Chinese New Year at the end of Jnuary.

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