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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ain't much to talk about...

Just a short one just so to confirm Joe that this blog is indeed alive, barely...

Had been bloody busy for the last several days, almost everyday at the shop in Mid Valley and every weekend is somewhere in Klang Valley for the roadshow promotion. Money wasn't really something I have in abundance at the moment, it's not like I ever had money in abundance before anyway, but I'll have some extras for books, or music or some fun. budget had been very tight this few months, I think I need to find a proper job soon. I supposed myself is to be blamed for the fact that I'm still doing part times only, I had never really been actively seeking jobs the last few months, send out a few applications, went to one interview and that's it. Been filtering and choosy about the jobs I'm applying too, only applying for the jobs that I like and is related to me. Should I start branching out to other industries? Or do something entirely unrelated to what I was trained? Sales and marketing maybe? This is probably the easiest job to find out there, everybody is looking for a salesman.


Before this, I was: Scheduling this weekend's roadshow staff
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