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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas

It was a Merry Christmas indeed...

I mean, how merrier can it be than being stuck in a bloody traffic jam counting down to Christmas together with the radio DJ and accompanied with car horns. Did I mention alone?

I was in 1 Utama as usual every weekend for the last several weeks, I never had any plans for tonight, David's out of town, Nelsen's out of shape and the rest pretty much got plans of their own. I'm hanging around with Omar after the promo ended, found some of his friends at Chili's and chill out awhile. Called Agnes to wish her Merry Christmas, and she told me that she's in KL for a party and invited me over, noting that the time wasn't even 10.30pm yet, I decided to make a move to KL, thinking there should be more than enough time to get there before 12. But then again, KL traffic killed my plans and I ended up in KL at almost 12.30, counting down my Christmas in the car, in the jam...

She and her friends wanted to get a drink but almost none of them are familiar with KL nor PJ, so after some discussions and arguments, we decided to go back to Kepong. Since I've no problem with driving to anywhere, I agreed. So yeah...

Me tipsy 'hic'

Before this, I was: taking a bath
Currently listening to: Beatles - I wanna Hold Your Hand
Currently feeling: Sleepy, happy, merry, blur, tipsy, whee...


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