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Monday, January 09, 2006

Work Sucks!

This is such a long delayed post, eversince the new year, I've been working my ass off 7 days a week and almost every night, I'm too dead tired to do anything. I sometimes can't even be bothered to have my dinner, much less blog. Waking up at 7 is definietly not me.

Since last Tuesday, I started my new job at this company in USJ, which is pretty much a factory. I shall not reveal the nature of the factory's products because its too small a market to be anonymous. Anyway, I'm placed as a management trainee, which basically got me circulating to different departments in the factory, namely warehouse, R&D, production and ultimately sales. My first assigned department is the warehouse department, which pretty sees me working a store-keeper's job; taking product inventory; preparing stock management cards and pretty much every other general works available in a warehouse.

I've worked a total of 4 days since Tuesday and already I'm seeking a new job. The factory is pretty much all it is; a fucking factory. Everybody have to punch in their card before going into the factory, the work-start time, lunch-time and going-back time is signaled by an air raid siren sound-alike. Where everybody in the factory pretty much lines up at the guardhouse, each holding his punch card taking turns to punch out to go for lunch, and repeat the exact process to come in in the morning, come back from lunch and going home at 5.30. Working environment is downright bullshit, there's no air-conditioning (It's a bloody factory!), the fans are in-adequate, it's loud (Defeaning!), everywhere is dirty and the entire place has a perculiar chemical smell.

All those are the negative points of the factory, but the main reason that is urging me to get the hell out of the place is the nature of the job itself. Everything is too systematic, everything has a schedule and a program. There's absolutely no room for expansion, no area for creativity and definitely no freedom at all. It's like a fucking assembly line, everything must be done in a certain order, being creative would probably result in a disaster. In another word, the place is deadpan, it's interupting my creative process, which is pretty much the core of my work interest, I might not be so much of a creative person, but at least some of the jobs I did involves certain degree of creativity to do something.

Another reason that is considered as an excuse to leave the factory is that it does not recognize my academic qualification. What I'm doing now can be done by almost anybody, and as far as I've seen the other departments in the factory, anybody can do anybody's job, probably some training required, but definitely not a degree. I met one of the salesperson which has a Master in Applied Chemistry and is working the same amount of shit and earning the same amount of peanut as the salesperson with a diploma in IT. if I knew I'm to work in this company in the first place, why would I bother to waste several years of my life pursuing a fucking degree and yet end up in this fucking factory that I could have joined straight out of form 5. Hell! They don't even need to hire a Malaysian, they can get any fucking Bangla or Indon to do the same shit as the fella with a Master in Applied Chemistry!

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