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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Long distance relationship

They say true love never forgets
They say true love survives time and distance
They say true love never dies

They also say out of sight, out of mind
They also say long distance relationship never work
They also say there's no such thing as true love

Can someone really fall in love and remain in love with someone you barely seen? You depend on the phone and the internet to communicate each other, you talked and chatted with each other almost everyday, and yet the last time you see them was ages ago.

Technologies are very convenient when you want to communicate with someone from long distance. You're jumping happily when you see them online on MSN, you're hopping with glee when you receive their SMS. Their voice is just but a few buttons away on you phone. But what happens when the internet's down? What happens when they're not within reach of the convenience of the internet? What happens when the telecommunication netwok screwed up?

Without the presence of the interpersonal touch of a normal relationship, communication becomes vague, there's no body language involved, you can't see the true feelings of the other person at the end of the line. You can hear their voice, but you can never know what they're thinking.

Is something wrong?
Why is she so cold today?
Why didn't she pick up the phone?
Why didn't she reply my SMS?

A thousand and one questions played in your head. In a normal relationship, you know seeing them is just but mere days away in the coming weekend, or maybe just mere few hours away when you're going to meet them later. You know you can discuss the problems when you meet.

In long distance relationship, you know the next time you'll be seeing them in far away, you don't even know when's the exact date you'll be meeting them, or whether you'll be meeting them at all.

The nagging feeling thinking when's the next time you'll seeing them again, the sinking feeling in the heart when you think of them, the times when you really needed someone to hold, someone to love, and yet they're out of reach.

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  • what about the plus point when she CAN'T find you for a given time? :)

    By Blogger David, at 11:29 PM  

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