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Thursday, January 19, 2006

It wasn't too bad after all

Can't believe its been almost 3 weeks into the new year already. Time flies, especially when you are stumbling along in a daze.

This also means its been 3 weeks into my new job at The Factory. The first 2 weeks there was bad, it was terrible. This week I'm re-assigned to the sales department, which I expected to be just as bad as every other department I've been. But few days into the new department, I'm seeing The Factory in a whole new light, this place wasn't too bad after all.

Probably the fact that I'm doing something I enjoy helps, I'm currently assigned to work out a proposal for a promotion event for one of our product. It's going to be nationwide and it's going to be huge, and it's mine. I've always enjoyed the event management field, and the chance to plan an entire campaign of my own really was an unusual experience.

Most of the things looked not bad at the moment, maybe except the fact that I still don't own my own desk, nor chair, nor computer, not even a pencil! I do own a piece of diskette now though; Verbatim you know? Don't play play... Damned sad

Anyway, its still too early for me to judge the place as a whole, maybe a few months down the road, I'll be looking for a job again.

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