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Monday, February 20, 2006

I flame

I've been blogging for more than a year already, and for almost eevryone who reads my blog, I'm a good guy in general. I don't like to put people down by talking bad about them, I don't flame other blogs because they're stupid. But I'm bored, am I'm destructive when I'm bored, so I shall flame.

These people sucks.
Critical my chinese arse! He's probably the fucking most close minded blogger in the entire blogosphere. Everything he posted are either racist, religion-ist or anti-government. This is the perfect example of a first world citizen with a third-world mentality. Everything something happens, doesn't matter if its good or bad, he'll refer it back to the Q**an and come out with some twisted logic and explanation that's totally opposite with the moral majority.
This fella has been a debate in the Malaysian blogosphere awhile back, and is probably hated by almost every female blogger out there. What gives you the fucking rights to publish their pictures and let the world vote on them? Let's see people take your mother's picture and post her in a blog and let people vote, you like or not? Sohai!

The third blog I hate was fortunately no longer exist
Whores. Some of you veterans might remember this bloody blog, they'll pick a a blog and criticize on them, no matter good or bad, they'll think of something bad to say. Oi! What makes you think you're so great a blogger to criticize other ah?

OK, you might ask me the same thing, what makes me so great to criticize other blogs? I'm not criticizing them because they're bad, I just hates their contents. Oh, you think I sucks too? Fine, go fuck yourself and don't come back!

Since I'm in the mood to flame people now, I might as well add this in
Princess. (Link taken from YC) What the fuck?! So fucking shameless call herself princess, face like fuck want to be princess? If being a princess means being ugly, then you're not a princess, you're the queen! And what the fuck with the pictures? All posing kaw kaw like a fucking model, when none of them would even qualify to be qualified to be auditioned to me models. Stellar? What the fuck?! Sounds like a bloody lesbian sorority cult to me, you know? The ones that kidnap young man and sexually torture them to death.

Yeah, flaming is good. That shall be all...

Before this, i was: Laughing my ass off at the stupid pictures in Princess' friendster
Currently listening to: Metallica - Carpe Diem Baby
Currently feeling: Bored, irritated flame!


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