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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Seriously... wtf?!

Seriously, what the fuck? going wrong with the police? going wrong with the justice system?

Seriously, what the fuck?

What's all this bullshit about upholding asian values that condemns the act of kissing and hugging in public? Who the fuck determines what is a proper asian value and what is not? Its the fucking over-zealous politicians who determines what's wrong and what's right, the people never bothered with 'Asian values', everybody is too fucking busy worrying about petrol values, car values, interest values, monetary values to even fucking bother with pointless bullshit like 'Asian values'

OK, maybe there -are- some sohais out there who scorns the act of hugging and kissing in public, but they are a fucking minority, since when do we give a fuck about what the minorities think? You don't like seeing people kiss and hug in public, fucking cover your eyes lar, or better still, walk away. Why the fuck would you want to make such a fucking big fuss about it?

I respect the fact that hugging and kissing in public is against the teachings of Islam, I'd understand if a Muslim couple is caught hugging and kissing in public and they should be charged under the Syariah court. But why make it a federal law? Means every bloody couple that's hugging and kissing in public should be charged in the court of law. Then shouldn't the act of politicians hugging each other during this and that summit meeting be condemned as well? And how the fuck do you explain
this? Our very own prime minister, in full view, kissing his wife? If mrely hugging and kissing can be charged, then shouldn't the couples fucking in public at Bukit Gasing and Titiwangsa Lake in the middle of the night be shot?

Enough of that shit... now to the other shit, which almost made me keel over laughing!
"US crime drama CSI is helping criminals to escape justice, a senior
policeman in Malaysia has said."
What the fuck? CSI is American, and probably the only similarity between American and Malaysian police is both of them like donuts, oh wait, I think Malaysian police prefer roti canais more than donuts. Anyway, how can the actions of a team of American forensic officers help Malaysian criminals escape? If that's really the case, what about Gerak Khas? They show the workings of the Malaysian police force also, they're even more realistic than the Americans right? What would you call that then? Malaysian Police Escape Manual?

If truly CSI can teach criminals escape justice, the next thing you know the army is using Survivor to train the recruits survival skill, Ally McBeal to train aspiring lawyers and House to train doctors. Hell, we can even use Star Wars to train our next batch of astronauts!

Sohai betul!

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  • yalor. Simply put, some of us (as in, the country in general) are so set in our beliefs and old ways tht they can't take a bit of controversy!

    By Blogger Liz, at 10:24 PM  

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